The Master’s Promise

by Arlene Horsman

It has been almost one year since I received my Spiritual Birth. The joy that these months have brought is beyond adequate expression, yet how I love to share that joy.

From our son who, with Master’s Grace, had been led to Him a few months earlier, I was given a taste of what the Path means. With such a devoted soul in our home we happily went along with his diet, hours of meditation, etc. Gradually what began as a matter of respect and good humour towards our son’s new way of life began to interest me personally, and I felt a keen desire to become involved.

It is so true when Master says that,

It cannot be taught. It must be caught.


True Living is higher than Truth.

The Light within each of us shines forth that others seeing the God in us and witnessing His Grace are drawn to Him. Thus was I drawn to Him.

One day as I cried out to Him in my desperation I suddenly knew that He had heard me and I could feel His guiding presence. From that time my life began to change until that beautiful moment in Boston when I stood at Millie Prendergast’s door where Master’s Love welcomed me and flowed forth, like a clear, sparkling, refreshing brook. I was enveloped in a warm blanket of Master’s reflected Love.

The frustration of reaching into emptiness was gone. Within I found the bridge which ended my search. I had found my Beloved Master, and I was completely His. This was the fulfilment of Master’s promise to all, found in His book, ‘Spiritual Elixir.’ With tears of Love and longing streaming down my cheeks I read in His own words, Master always holds the hands He rakes. There is never a thought of loosening that right hold. Master-Power will never leave nor forsake the initiate until the end of the world.