Intense Longing for Darshan

From a letter Baba Jaimal Singh sent to His Gurumukh disciple Baba Sawan Singh, Who had written to His Master, telling of His burning separation.

You say that you are writhing like a fish out of water for Darshan. Well, such was the will. Even after a hundred years of Bhajan, one does not get so purified as by an intense longing for Darshan, provided that longing is real and true, and that the Love for Satguru is from the innermost heart. That is why a disciple is given bireh – physical separation and longing during separation from his Guru. Bhajan does not purify so soon as does True Love for the Master and a True Longing for His Darshan. Rather, Satguru Himself is Sat Purush. I am always with you in Shabd form. This Jiva cannot see the Shabd form of the Sat Guru. Why? Because the Jiva is impure and the intellect also is impure, and the mind is also impure. In this yuga there is no other way of getting deliverance, of uniting with God and of being purified in a short time except through Love for and faith in Satguru. Do not look upon Sat Guru as a human being. True Longing for Darshan is the principal means of God-Realisation. When the mind accepts these things firmly and inwardly, only then is the dirt wiped off the mind. Then the Jiva can realise the Shabd form of the Sat Guru. Therefore, take hold of the Shabd Dhun. Then the Dhun will itself take you Home.

Whoever has True Love for his Guru in his mind, has done everything – that is, he need do nothing more. Satguru is empowered to take him at once to Sach Khand, the region of the Saints. Whoever has become united with Shabd Dhun is not to be born again. So long as the physical form of the Satguru is not considered as absolutely pure and formless – Nirakar –, as the Shabd Dhun, till then the Shabd Dhun does not accept the individual. Your parmarth is complete. Have no doubts, please.