The True and the False 

by L. Gurney Parrott

Conversing recently with a friend, I happened to mention the Living Perfect Master, which brought the immediate question,

How do you know he is a Perfect Master?

To which I replied,

How do you know the sun is shining?

and then, more specifically, went on more or less as follows:

It is not a matter of opinion. Differences of opinion are permissible, indeed, are the natural outcome of human thought on almost every subject under the sun, save one: Truth.

Truth is an absolute, without qualification; it cannot be modified; it is synonymous with God. The Perfect Master is the Embodiment of Truth, not because I or anyone else believes it, but because He gives clear and unmistakable evidence in His person, in His life, and in His exhortations, written and verbal.

When a Master cannot be faulted in any one of the following essential qualities, and if, in addition, He teaches and demonstrates the Way back to God through the Word, or audible Life-Current, then He becomes self-evident as Truth – a Perfect Master – and one’s whole being responds in joyful recognition.

  1. Humility – He evinces a natural, inborn humility, not acquired, which is strikingly evident, though never consciously exercised. Like the scent of a rose, or the colour of its petals, it is innate, not assumed.

  2. Love – He is the embodiment of Love for all living creatures and the entire humanity, above all distinctions of race, colour or creed.

  3. Purity – Godliness and Spirituality flow from Him, expressed in every thought, word and action. His purity is not the result of pious words and religious activity, but, again, is effortless, as the reflection in the surface of a still lake.

  4. A Giver – He is always the giver, never the recipient, living on His own resources and not on the charity of others. He gives Spirituality free; it flows from Him as naturally as a river flows down from the mountain source to the valleys below.

  5. Appearance – He has no affectation in dress, no outer indication entitling Him to special respect. He does not need it, for His mere presence evokes instinctive recognition in the beholder of His Spiritual Stature.

  6. Power – He does not perform miracles to attract followers although all power is His; but He exercises His powers always under the Divine Will as necessity may arise, avoiding publicity or sensationalism of any kind.

  7. Teachings – His teachings are in strict accord with those of all the Great Masters in the past.

Our Master, Sant Kirpal Singh, is a perfect exemplar of all the seven prerequisites in a Perfect Master, but He can be credited with yet another, an eighth.

This last proof of His Spiritual Stature and Greatness is His crowning Glory, clear evidence of Gis status as Divine Ambassador with a special commission from God to free embodied souls from their material prisons and lead them back to Him. This is the power to open the eyes and ears of those who go to Him, that they may see the Light of God and hear the Voice of God, linking them with the Shabd, or Word, or the Celestial Music – what we in Christian countries would call The Holy Spirit – which carries the spirit, under His guidance, to its native Home.

It is this manifestation of the Word which distinguishes the Perfect Master from masters of any and every other kind. None but a Perfect Master has the authority and power to do this marvellous work.

There are Masters in the world of every sort and degree, true and false, and some may be able to help souls to a certain extent, consistent with their own level of attainment; but they cannot liberate souls from the Wheel – the endless cycle of coming and going in these material regions – nor lead them to the Highest, for they themselves are not free; and such masters, and their followers alike, must continue in the round of rebirths until released by a Perfect Master.

All this, of course, is well known to Satsangis who have studied the teachings of our Master and His predecessors, and the reader may well ask why this article has been written.

My object, in addition to sharing one or two problems later, is to stimulate and encourage fellow pilgrims who have not had the privilege of meeting the Master, and who, through circumstances beyond their control, may never have it in this world.

The joyous fact and unique feature on this Path is that while to meet the Master in the flesh is an immense blessing, failure to do so does not in any way prevent or hinder one’s Spiritual Progress after one has been initiated. Indeed, there is a danger that to have been with the Master may result in some complacency and a tendency to think that further effort is thereby rendered less mandatory.

The immensely encouraging promise in this teaching is that if the aspirant so orders his outer life and carries out accurately the Inner Exercises as directed, his receptivity to the Master’s radiation will become more and more perfect until he reaches the point where he meets the Master in His Radiant Form on the Inner Planes. This is the point which we are all expected to reach, with Master’s Grace. Compared with this wondrous achievement, whether we have or have not been with the Master in the physical body is of little importance.

Fellow Satsangis will have experienced the curious fact that, even when ear is given to such a statement as this, accompanied by a careful study of the Master’s wonderful written expositions and those of His predecessors – nay, more than this: even if many Satsangis add their own true witness and describe their experiences with the Master, there is not an immediate rush to become His disciples.

The pure teaching itself is so perfect, answering every intellectual problem, that one would expect any honest seeker to leap at it. Formal religions and the host of parasitical or splinter societies know nothing of the Inner Experiences of the soul, or of the grand scheme of finer subtler worlds leading upward from this, the coarsest material expression, to the Highest Region of pure consciousness and the Supreme Lord. They only give vague hope of a future heaven as indicated in books; none of their teachers have any personal experience of the beyond.

The Path of the Masters – the Grand Trunk Road to Spirituality – along which the Living Perfect Master is ready and willing to guide us, offers something so incredibly wonderful that one would naturally think the whole world would sieze the opportunity. Why do they not?

Hundreds of thousands have done so, but relative to the population of the world the response is small. If many are called, certainly few are chosen.

The answer is threefold:

  1. the Master has repeatedly stated that those who come to Him in this life are predestined to do so;

  2. our karmic fate, or destiny; and

  3. the fact that the Master is the doer and will draw to Himself those whom He has come to seek. We, therefore, are not the doers; it is all His work, and if He uses us as a link to take any soul to Him, it is a privilege granted to us for our advancement and not His need.

So we should not feel discouraged if we meet with resistance, or indifference, for if it is not the time for such souls to meet the Master, nothing can bring it about.

At first, immediately after my initiation in 1966, I was very disappointed and worried when I met with no response, or with only a little flicker of interest that quickly died. The Master put me right and now I understand enough to stand aside and have no sense of personal responsibility or of ‘proselytising zeal.’

I expect all Satsangis will have met this problem. There are others, but one in particular may be worth discussing in the hope that sharing experiences may help.

In the application for initiation into Sant Mat, one is required to

note that practices involving breathing for meditation, spiritual healing – instantaneous or otherwise – are forbidden by the Master, and all other forms of meditation that may have been practised should be discontinued.

It is astonishing to find some initiates still hankering after former practices, especially spiritualistic, mediumistic and occult ones. Some still read books published by various societies or individuals, and even continue to profess allegiance to one or the other, or even to more than one, as well as to the Master.


no one can serve two Masters; and he who is not for me is against me,

said Jesus, having evidently met the same phenomenon among His followers. It will be helpful perhaps to analyse this question a little more closely:

  1. What is Sant Mat, or the Path of the Masters? It is a Royal Way back to God, our Father. It is the True Highway of Spirituality and dates from the dawn of humanity. It was designed by the Creator Himself.

  2. Along this Grand Highway are lay-byes, cul-de-sacs, bypaths, country lanes of interminable length losing themselves in a vast jungle; secondary roads leading to scenes of great beauty; major roads leading to wondrous realms. Without the Perfect Master, pilgrim souls are lost in these enticing deviations.

  3. The positive pole in creation lies in the realms from Sach Khand – the fifth Inner Plane – upwards, and it is from here that the Perfect Master descends and operates in the regions of the negative pole – causal, astral, physical.

  4. The Master’s task or mission is to take souls to the highest and the whole science of the Masters is so designed.

  5. It follows that to achieve success we must give ourselves entirely to this objective. Can we think that this wondrous goal is gained so easily that we can afford to squander time and energy in any other direction?

  6. The above-mentioned deviations may have a lot of good in them and do in rare cases take souls to quite advanced states where they imagine they have reached the goal. But the Masters – Who know because They have gone higher – state categorically that they are still within the sphere of the Negative Power. The only way to the Highest is by the Sound Current or Shabd. When we need water, do we take a sieve to the well?

  7. It is true that Master says that one may stay in whatever society we are in, with no need to change one’s religion.

Surely, this means that if one sincerely practices one’s religion, one must automatically reach the point of Inner Ascension where the Master takes over without any conflict at all.

The Master could have millions of nominal followers, as many religions can claim, but He would rather have five hundred – or five – really sincere and genuine disciples. Isn’t that the trouble with our world of today – the gap between profession and execution – between words and deeds?

So the conclusion of the matter is: if we are sincere and loyal to the Truth, and if we want to succeed on this Royal Way, we must give ourselves up wholly to the quest. Acquaintance with various Spiritual Cults in the world and some discriminating knowledge of the countless books available may be useful in dealing with people; but to become attached or absorbed in them is to dissipate the powers of the soul which should be concentrated on the True Target. The Master gives us a yardstick by which to assess these fascinating intellectual bypaths. They are so cleverly constructed that they look very much like the main thoroughfare, or offer promising short cuts; but let us not be deceived and risk losing our way in the forests of doubt and the jungles of intellectual titillation to which they lead.

We should give high priority to the study of the Master’s books and teachings and not be tempted or lured into activities which will hinder our progress. Counterfeit currency is very hard to detect, but by their fruits ye shall know them; and the simple test is to stop, if we are involved with such, and inquire, Where do they stand? If, after many years or even a long life of study of some religious cult, we find that their hierarchy has only book knowledge and theoretical acquaintance with oriental teachings, it would be foolish to continue wasting precious time and effort toying with fascinating intellectual speculation and getting nowhere.