VII. Maharaj Kirpal Singh

Marriage is a taking up of a life’s companion on your earthly sojourn – through weal or woe – to help each other in life and to help each other to know God. One duty may be of begetting children; for which the scriptures lay down that this power should be used for begetting children, and that we should rest from any such communion during the conception period and also thereafter as long as the child is taking milk of the mother. In this way, the child, the mother and the father will all be healthy. Most of the diseases the people are suffering will be eliminated. The Saints say that if children are to be born, let them either become Saints – a donor to the poor and a servant of the needy – or else let them be valiant ones who can protect the forlorn and the weak.

The Saints do lead an ideal married life and when They take up such a role, They stop such a course. So, married life is no bar to Spirituality if led in accordance with the scriptures. The partners in life are advised in their best Spiritual Interests to observe chastity by leading a moderate life by mutual cooperation. The check marks on the diary forms are essential for the people seeking improvement gradually. One learns by self-introspection and careful living. The dear ones are not forbidden to marry or have homes. But they should have ideal family life flavoured with the Divine Grace of the Master-Power. The young ones before marriage should be asked to lead chaste lives, as chastity is life and sexuality is death. A lamp burns splendidly when it has oil within, but if all the oil is leaked away, how can there be light? A life of self-restraint goes to make body and brain strong.

From a letter to a disciple


Unfortunately, very few people have the right understanding as to the importance of maintaining the chastity of life. It is because man is not chaste that he is under the domination of other vices such as anger, greed and attachment. If he were to control his sensual appetite, the other vices would gradually drop away. So chastity is the key not only to the Spiritual Life but also to success in every other field of endeavour. The pity it is that the very people who could help their fellow man, such as doctors and the clergy, are themselves in the grip of sexuality and are hardly likely to recommend the practice of that which they themselves are a prey to.

From a letter, included in ‘The Making of a Man,’
Sat Sandesh, February 1971