Selections from the Annual Report

by Helen von Aldenbruck

The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of Ruhani Satsang – Divine Science of the Soul was held and called to order by Reno H. Sirrine, Chairman of the Board, at 2:20 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, 23rd November, 1972, at the home of Reno H. Sirrine, 9445 Dacosta St., Downey, California. …

All directors were present as follows: His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj; Mr Reno H. Sirrine; Mr Farwell P. Hull; Dr John H. Lovelace; Mrs Lucille B. Gunn; Mrs Olga Donenberg; Mrs Mildred Prendergast. Other officers present were: Mrs Helen Von Aldenbruck, secretary. … Also present were: Charles & Dona Kelley; Mr & Mrs T.S. Khanna; Mr Arran Stephens; Mr Wayne Von Aldenbruck; Mr Dennis Von Aldenbruck; Mr Dan Crow; Russell & Judith Perkins; Mr Ben Ringel; Mr S.R. Bhalla; Mr B.S. Gyani Ji.

The invocation was given by Master Kirpal Singh Ji requesting that ail the directors must be true to themselves and not to personalities, but always for the mission itself.

[The minutes and financial statements of the previous meeting and year were read and approved.]

Reno Sirrine suggested that we put the balance of the funds left, after the tour expenses, into the General Account to do what Master wants done with it.

It was also suggested that the larger Satsangs retain a two to three month operating capital and send the remainder in to the General Account of Ruhani Satsang – Divine Science of the Soul. They will be given credit for this, and also a notice showing where the funds were used.

Mr Sirrine then asked for a motion that the money to be sent to India be sent to the corporation headquarters in California stating your preference as to where it should be sent, Ruhani Satsang or Manav Kendra. … It was unanimously carried.

Master Kirpal Singh mentioned that anyone wanting to send money to India directly may do so but they must realise it is not then tax deductible or tax free.

Old Business

In regards to the initiation forms, the chairman suggested that, in the future, we only obtain one brief life sketch from the applicants for initiation. This would be sent to Master in India for His records only, so the confidential information of the initiate is not available to any other than Master.

The chairman also suggested that we be more strict about employment. The new initiate should be able to stand on his or her own feet … Master approved of this, recognising that there may be some deserving exceptions …

New Business

A letter from His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji and a letter from Mr Reno H. Sirrine and Mr T.S. Khanna were read regarding the joining of Mr Khanna’s group with the corporation, Ruhani Satsang – Divine Science of the Soul, in California, and the dissolving of the District of Columbia Corporation. …

Reno Sirrine asked Mr Khanna and Mr Dan Crow, an attorney, if appointing Mr Khanna as Chairman of the Board and adding the six new members, … seems satisfactory and fair to all. Dan Crow stated, ‘Yes, it appears to be.’ Mr Khanna also agreed.

Mr Sirrine then informed the Board that to meet the needs and requirements of the corporation, the number of directors should be increased from seven to thirteen. Then, Mr Khanna submitted and Mr Sirrine nominated the following six new directors:

Mr T.S. Khanna; Mrs Helen McDaniel; Mr Charles Fulcher; Mr Amarnath Sharma; Mrs Dona Kelley; Mr Dan Crow.

… The nomination … was carried unanimously.

Master Kirpal Singh again stated that all directors have to give their services to God, not to Mr Sirrine or Mr Khanna, and that all opinions should be in the interest of the mission. …

Mr Reno Sirrine then submitted his resignation as Chairman of the Board and nominated Mr T.S. Khanna for this position. … It was carried unanimously. …

Mr Khanna requested that Master consider coming to the United States once every six months or so.

Master smiled, and stated,

The thinnest thread of Love is stronger than chains of iron.

Master Kirpal Singh Ji made a motion to adjourn the meeting. … It was unanimously carried and the meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
(Signed) Helen Von Aldenbruck, secretary