At the Toronto airport many persons were waiting to see the Master, including Stanley and Edna Shinerock, His group leaders there, who had lived with the Master in India for six years. They had been separated from His physical form since June 1970, and extended a very warm welcome to Him and felt so joyful and grateful for His visit. They took the Master to Mont Sondan Hotel, where He stayed the one night in Toronto. Then the Master went to Manor Road United Church where many people were waiting to have a glimpse of Him. He put them in meditation and gave a brief talk. Later in the afternoon He saw a large number of people at His hotel.

The public talk that night was at the Theosophical Society at 8 p.m. When the Master arrived, the hall was absolutely full and many people had either to sit in the corridors or passages or had to stand along the sides. It was announced that the very first Satsang in Master’s name in the Western world was held at this very place about 22 years ago, by Mr T.S. Khanna, and only four or five people came to hear Master’s message of Love. How Master’s work has grown in the meantime!

The following morning, the Master initiated 24 persons into the mysteries of the beyond. At 3 p.m. He left for Chicago by plane.


Footnote: Next month’s instalment will conclude the North American portion of the tour, following the Master through the Middle West, West, and South.