The Master is Coming!

World Tour Schedule 1972

The Great Master Kirpal Singh Ji will be leaving India 26th August, 1972, to begin His third world tour. He will spend 16 days in Germany, Italy, Malta, and Switzerland, and 8 days in Great Britain (London, Liverpool, Edinburgh) before arriving in Washington, D.C., on 19th September. His schedule from that point is as follows:

North America

Washington, D.C. – 19th September thru 1st October (thirteen days)

Charlotte, N.C. – 2nd thru 5th October (four days)

Philadelphia, Pa. – 6th thru 7th October (two days)

New York City – 8th thru 12th October (five days)

Boston, Mass. – 13th thru 15th October (three days)

Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, N.H. – 16th thru 20th October (five days)

Kirpal Ashram, Calais, Vt. – 21st thru 22nd October (two days)

Montreal, P.Q. (Canada) – 23th thru 24th October (two days)

Toronto, Ont. (Canada) – 25th October (one day)

Chicago, Il. – 26th October thru 1st November (seven days)

Cincinnati, Ohio – 2nd thru 4th November (three days)

Denver, Co1o. – 5th thru 7th November (three days)

Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) – 8th thru 11th November (four days)

San Francisco, Calif. – 12th thru 15th November (four days)

San Jose, Calif. – 16th thru 19th November (four days)

Anaheim, Calif. (including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Beaumont) – 20th thru 29th November (ten days)

Dallas, Texas – 30th November thru 2nd December (three days)

St. Petersburg, Fla. – 3rd thru 5th December (three days)

Miami, Fla. – 6th thru 10th December (five days)

Latin America

Mexico City, Mexico – 11th thru 13th December (three days)

Panama City, Panama – 14th thru 16th December (three days)

Bogota, Colombia – 17th thru 19th December (three days)

Cali, Colombia – 20th thru 22nd December (three days)

Quito, Ecuador – 23rd thru 25th December (three days)

Georgetown, Guyana – 26th thru 27th December (two days)

Port Mourant, Guyana-Dec. 28, 29 (two days)

Puerto Rico – 30th thru 31st December (two days)


Accra, Ghana – 1st thru 11th January, 1973 (eleven days)

Nigeria – 12th thru 21st January (ten days)


Bangkok, Thailand – 22nd to 24th January (three days)

Malaysia – 25th thru 31st January (seven days)

This schedule supersedes all earlier proposed schedules. Any further information received will be published in forthcoming issues of Sat Sandesh.