A Letter of Love

by Leora C. Herold

My soul is moved by the Love of our beloved sweet Satguru Ji. I cannot find the proper words for what He gives me to feel inwardly. Dear Reno Sirrine wrote me a letter saying that our beloved Master is very ill. I felt as if everything fell apart … Why, He is only suffering because of us! Surely He is taking karma again from His disciples.

How terribly sad this makes me! And not able to help! How low, low, low most of us still are. Many of us surely pray that He shall not suffer more …

If only Love could help! But this Love I feel and have for Him is not enough – not strong and great enough. I am still egoistic; wishing that He shall come to visit all of us … How many wishes do we have! Endless many.

But have we once – or daily – wanted to serve Him? Wished and wanted to know what we could do to help Him with the burden we put on His shoulders? We have a little Love for Him; perhaps as much as we are able to have in our limited manner. But today I do not know what to do to help Him suffer less!

At this moment I thought, ‘If I could give my life for His health? Would I? Would you? – How low I still am!

He is the Light and Life within us. And we do not know this. We do not want to accept it, most of us.

The only way to help is: meditate, meditate and meditate … This we need, to be able to help and serve others, to learn to love really.

He says,

Do Simran all the time.

This is really possible! Just try again and again, till we all do it. Then we will be able to hear the Sound all the time.

We can help our beloved Master if we try to obey and do Simran all the time. His Love for us is endless. It is so sweet, so full of fragrance, and flows through all cells of our body, always; we have only to go within and listen.

I wish you all, dear Satsangi sisters and brothers, that you feel and experience His Love and Being, and wish for Him only sweetness and Sacred Happiness, instead of this suffering which He takes from us.

Leora C. Herold