Kirpal Singh

Extracts from the Master’s Letters

One unmarried Couples living together

I do not think it is advisable to live with dear … unless you marry him.

You will appreciate that in close association it is not possible to curb sensual desires and observe a life of continence and self restraint, which in turn will affect your Spiritual Progress. If a man comes out of a tavern while reading the Bible, what do you think the people at large will think of that?


It would not be advisable to live together as husband and wife by the initiates unless they are legally married. It amounts to adultery.


I appreciate your compassionate attitude for those dear ones who are struggling hard under some mysterious delusion with the hope that they shall be blessed with divine illumination. Strange are the Divine Ways of dispensation, when after much toil and turmoil one happens to be guided to the Living Master. You can well imagine the lot of those poor souls who cannot fathom the gracious protection of the Master-Power. Surely, the fortunate few out of them shall have their way to the Master in due course.


As regards your attitude towards your dear parents, you may please note that your duty is to be humble, polite and sweet, outwardly and at heart. Everybody is free to choose his/her course of faith and action which is chiefly determined by past karmic evolution. You should try to exhibit and inculcate more loving humility, which will be more effective to prove your greatness and that of the Holy Path on which you have been put. You do owe them some parental debt which can best be repaid by service and loving devotion. Please convey my Love to them.

On feeding Animals

Yes, it is wrong to feed animals with meat by an initiate. It involves some karma.