From the Editor’s Desk

Receptivity is instinctive in all creative beings, may be man, animal, beast or plant. It is a quality which inheres in one form or another and in a varying degree in different species. The lower forms of creation, more or less, act merely by instinct. All the same they are not devoid of feeling the impulses of nature and readily respond to natural forces like, heat and cold, light and darkness, rain and drought.

But, for most part, they nourish a blind life and for their proper nourishment, growth and development they depend on their more fortunate brethern in the higher scales of creation.

A child from a very early age shows signs of receptivity. His mind is impressionable. He takes in his lessons from everything around him and tries to adjust himself to his environments at home, in the class-room or at the playground. As he grows older his field of receptivity widens, and he assimilates more and more of knowledge and wisdom. Endowed with motor powers and cognitive faculties, he roams about wherever he likes and reaps a rich harvest of information and tries to take advantage of his learning and activities in the world in which he lives. As all his gains are through the avenues of senses, he remains all the time sensebound and hardly knows if there is anything beyond the sense-world of his own making.

In spite of imperfections, man is a rare phenomenon in nature because of the noumenon in him. He therefore, occupies a place at the highest rung in the ladder of life. God has made man after his own image and His very breath flows in him. He lives so long as the God-power dwells in him and keeps his body and soul together. It is that power that is keeping in a harmonious unison the two highly disparate things together, a living spirit and a clayey-mould, which have nothing in common in their constitutions. But what a wonder that the two (God-power and man-power) dwelling together all the time, the one, a denizen of the earthplane, has not had an opportunity to work with the other in a team spirit. The reason for this is not far to seek. Living in the light and life of the Supreme Being acting on and through the brain, we are conscious only of the physical body in which we are and of the material world in which all the time we are fully engrossed from childhood to dotage, without for a moment realising that this body is verily a temple of God, dwelling place wherein His Spirit and Power reside in fullness and that we live because He has so willed.

This human body then is a wonderful house, very wonderful and sacred indeed and we, as the trusted guardian of this fleshy tabernacle, are supposed to keep its sanctity intact and consciously worship the Great God dwelling in it.

Are we then past redemption? Is there no hope for us to retrieve the ground lost? Is it too late to retrace our steps and regain the Kingdom of God which lies within us? The Kingdom of God is not to descend from clouds nor it comes by observation. We are already living in it but we know it not nor are we conscious of it. We have to open ourselves to the higher, healthier and holier influences of the Word and the same shall, in spite of us, descend on us as a dove out of heaven and abide with us for ever and ever. This is inward receptivity which is innate in us.