Diet and Law of Karma

by Dr Dona G. Kelley

Here is law and order in all the universe. including man’s diet. Man occupies the highest place in the entire creation. The lower forms of life – beasts, birds, insects and the vegetable kingdom have not the capacity to cast off their coverings of mind and matter. There is life in vegetables, but vegetables are not sentient life forms – as some of our meat-eating brethren would have us believe. The life in a head of cabbage could not by any stretch of imagination be compared to the life in a cow. The cabbage does not feel as does the cow, when severed from its stalk. The reason is that vegetables have only one tattwa, or active life-force, while in the higher animals four tattwas are active. The vegetable ‘life’ is classified as of the simplest order and contains the least of karmic elements which can easily be overcome through Spiritual Life and the Sound Current.

Every form of 1ife has from one to five of these active tattwas, or elements of life. Man alone has all the five elements active. They are known as earth, water, fire, air, and ether. After man, come the quadrupeds with four active elements, the ether being dormant. Next, follow the birds, with three active elements – water, fire and air with earth and ether dormant. Next in order are insects, with two tattwas – earth and fire. The last class – the vegetable kingdom – has only one active tattwa, that is water. It has been proved that some vegetables contain as much as 95% water. Therefore, eating of vegetables produces the least amount of karma: also no pain is felt by the vegetable. And even the small amount of karma thus produced may be dissolved through listening to the Sound Current and carrying out one’s Spiritual Exercises.

There is another thought to be considered regarding vegetarian diet – a thought which relates to human behaviour – on the physical side –, and the manner in which the vegetarian escapes those negative qualities of character which may be evoked through a carnivorous diet. An animal, when killed or being led to be slaughtered, is filled with fear, which poisons the whole blood stream. Scientists have proved that fear affects the cells of the body and releases deadly poisons. Also, animal flesh is ‘dead’ food – it may cause putrefaction in the intestinal tract, producing various toxins. Such toxins cause various diseases. Also, a carnivorous diet may produce other negative conditions, such as anger and lust. This lack of knowledge of the truth of diet accounts for much of the untold suffering and miseries of humanity. If the blood stream is clean through the balanced use of natural foods, the blood corpuscles are sure to be in a healthy condition.

There is a most interesting and wonderful storehouse of wisdom to be found in Nature. One sees this wisdom reflected in herbs, roots and flowers. Sadly enough, most people lack this ancient wisdom. The science of Egypt at the height of her glory, the science of ancient Babylon, the wisdom of Solomon, whilst he lived in obedience to God – all this, plus the many scientific marvels taught in today cannot equal the profound knowledge to be found in Nature. If we, from a standpoint of real health, would make use of the simple, natural vegetarian diet, we would be spared much suffering – and we would know the true meaning of a sane mind in a sound body.

The Creator made man from the dust of the earth. All the properties found in the earth are found also in man. The fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables also contain these properties and when used in their natural state, a condition of radiant health, outward beauty and the inner glow of happiness will be the result. If you have studied my first article on diet – ‘Food for Spiritual Life’: August issue –, you will find that there is also a balance throughout nature – so man must learn to balance his foods in order to maintain health.