Oh Formless One

Innumerable are the fools, stark blind in ignorance; and innumerable the thieves and crooks that thrive on ill-gains; innumerable those that exercise tyranny and oppression; and innumerable the cut-throats by heinous crimes; innumerable those that revel in shameless sins; and innumerable the liars that practise fraud and falsehood; innumerable the impious that live on unwholesome1 foods; and innumerable the slanderers who add to their burden by calumniating others; Innumerable, the many for lowly Nanak to describe. What power have I to conceive of Thy wonderful nature? Too poor, am I, to make an offering of my life to Thee. Whatever pleaseth Thee is good; Thou art forevermore; oh Formless One !

Guru Nanak


Footnote: 1) The words used in the original are 'Mal' and 'Bhakh' which mean eating unwholesome food and refer to non-vegetarian diet and intoxicants. Even vegetarian diet and otherwise harmless drinks, if procured by unfair means, are also classed as unwholesome and as such their use proves a positive hindrance on the Path.

Source: ‘Jap Ji – Stanza XVIII’; Editor’s Note, 2011.


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