A Prayer for Mercy

I searched Thee in hills and dales, in temples, mosques, churches, Lord! Up and down the mounts and caves, I went on pilgrimages, God !

Observed fasts, penances, Lord! Visited all holy tracts of lands. Passed through holy cities of fame, worshipped and brought the holy sands.

Holy books of all the sects, I read and kept with throbbing heart. Midnight oil for years I burnt, went through thousands to become expert.

Still I knew in heart of hearts, frailing features of restless state. Days and nights I repented and wept, prayed for mercy and began to wait.

At last Thou felt my feverish pulse, quenched my thirst with immortal drink. Oh Divine Ecstasy! Invigorating peace! My Lord! Thou proved Divine Link.

At last when wisdom dawned on me, spell of evil days was gone. With Thy Grace I realised Thee, now I am, lo! twice born.

What is innermost? Nothing but God, what is outermost? Nothing but God, Thou art watching round the clock, Lord! Thy Naam is magic rod.

Now I pray, oh God of gods ! Leave me not in future alone. Shower Thy Mercy, oh Anahat Nad! Hitherto Lord! as Thou hath shown.

Grant me Thy Radiant Form, bless me, my Satguru Dev! Highest Thou art, lowest I am, lift me, Lord! I pray, oh save!

T.R. Sharma