From the Editor’s Desk

By a great good fortune thou hath got a human birth, this is the only opportunity for thee to contact the Lord; all else in the world will avail thee naught, seek ye the company of the Saints, and learn to commune within.

Guru Arjan

Nature is not extravagant in her plans and purposes. It provides every one, of course according to one’s background, opportunities to evolve what is involved in him or her. The causes set going in the distant past, may be in this life or in lives past out of mind have, of necessity, to be worked out in the living present and there is no go from reaping the rich harvest already sown.

Laws of nature prescribe the conditions under which man has to work out but do not prescribe the actual workings. At the centre of his being, one is a free agent in spite of the ever revolving wheel of life around the centre. And yet the apparently still point in the wheel is the point of intense activity.

Spiritual Growth is a long drawn process. From mineral world to vegetable kingdom, to tiny insects, rodents and reptiles, to the feathery fraternity, to quadrupeds and finally to bipeds as man is a process that extends over ages upon ages. Thanks to the Power of God in man that he has come to the top rung of the ladder in God’s creation. He is virtually the roof and crown of all that is and yet has in him potentialities and powers that lie dormant in him. He is a micro-god, with the very breath of God Himself surging in the image of His being, as he is verily the temple of the Holy Ghost. It is another thing that he may not, in his ignorance, know of it.

To reach at the top and yet not to develop the Power of God in him is to lose the golden opportunity provided to him by Dame Nature. To fall from the top rung of the ladder is great fall indeed and sadly deplorable. The opportunity once lost may mean a torturous uphill task. Why not then to make the most of the means at our disposal?

The purpose of human life has succinctly and yet in forcefully expressive and lucid terms, been set forth above by Guru Arjan, fifth in the line of succession to Nanak. Time and tide wait for no man. Now or never should be our motto. Make hay while the sun shines.

So long there is the concept of God, God surely exists and there is a Godway and the Godman to guide Godward.

No one knoweth the Father save the Son and those to whom the Son may reveal Him.

Again, Guru Amar Das, the third Guru, has said:

Without the active aid of a Perfect Master, one cannot be a True Devotee nor get attuned to the Word, for those who commune with the Word, they do so by the Master’s Grace.

To know one’s Self and to know God is the be-all and end-all of human existence. The principle of demand and supply is ever at work. There is water for the thirsty and food for the hungry and whosoever feels the need for the Water of Life and Bread of Life can have them in abundance from a Competent Master and thus achieve the Grand Purpose of life – full efflorescence into Godhood.