Prayer of Supplication

Like a scarf, we had been stolen from the Lord, driven and blown across the burning barren desert of life, to rest ensnared and torn on the thorns of a bush which deceived us with its alluring flowers.

When hope was abandoned and life began to ebb, a Radiant Sage appeared and set to naught the thorns, the barren desert, and the pangs of separation. When the Sage turned and looked upon our expectant souls, we found that it was Thee, oh Lord!

In Thy Oasis Presence, we have found the cooling springs of liberation, and beneath the shelter of Thy Almighty Hand, we have found the safe peace which no thing and no one can put asunder.

Thou hast baptised our souls in the resonant Harmonies of Light, issuing from Thy Lotus Presence – wooed by Thy charm, we have become slaves of the Love of God. Small wonder that millions of creations are filled with awe and joy. At the sight of Thee, oh Master Divine!

None of nature’s beauties can compare to Thy munificence for God Himself has showered all gifts upon Thee. – With Thy Grace, oh Satguru Ji, free us from the tyrant of the mind, oh make us the dust of Thy feet and Eternal Slaves of Thy Hari Naam.

Arran B. Stephens