The Master’s Birthday Celebrations

1968 – The Master’s Birthday Celebrations 1

The Master’s birthday – 6th February – was celebrated in Delhi by thousands of seekers after Truth who had gathered at Sawan Ashram for the occasion. A large number of devotees had come not only from various places in India but also from abroad. The Ashram was beautifully decorated with flowers and bunting.

1968 – The Master’s Birthday Celebrations 2

The celebrations started early in the morning at 3.30, when the Master came out of His house to give darshan to the devotees. The Master sat on the dais and listened to the enchanting devotional songs sung by a group of devotees. It was a chilly morning but everyone sat still charmed by the charmed atmosphere and melodious music. The music over the Master explained the real significance of a birthday.

For Saints the birthday is the day on which one is reborn or rises above body consciousness,

He said.

You are all micro-gods,


you must be reborn,

He emphasised a number of times. The entire congregation sat for meditation at 8.30 a.m. under the personal guidance of the Master. The meditation session ended at 9.30 a.m. with hundreds of people reporting wonderful Inner Experiences.

Later in the day, poets recited their poems of Love and devotion for the Satguru. Holy men of different faiths offered their felicitations and praised the Master for His mission. The memorable celebrations ended at 9 p.m. with a Satsang talk during which the Master discussed at length the real purpose of the human life and the Way back to God. The two photographs published here give a glimpse of the celebrations.