Ecstacy of God

from an American Disciple

When we have been put on the Way to God by our Master, then our daily lives become our religion, for we must live God’s Truth. With deep faith, we must practise Spiritual Discipline and earthly discipline to cleanse us of all our faults and failings, so that we may be ready to start on the Spiritual Journey.

This is our daily task – to think well upon everything we do, for in this way we get the Master’s help. For what we do on the physical plane is exactly what and where we are on the next planes. So if we will think before we command our servant, the physical body, which carries out our orders, we will then be benefiting spiritually.

If our thoughts are pure, our words and actions will strengthen us spiritually. When we overcome criticism or other faults and failings completely, then we have cleansed all the three bodies – physi- cal, astral and causal – at the same time.

What do we give up? It is the ordeal of transferring our will, our fully developed ego – which brought us to this place, but now its usefulness is over – to the Father, so it may blend with His.

We, as human beings, can never fully understand Truth teachings until we rid ourselves of our ego. To attain heaven is to eliminate the ego. We cannot expect our ego to take a back seat until we have overcome resentment, material desires, attachments and possessiveness etc., for our ego is so deeply embedded in its own creation of negative responses and acts that it takes great effort to free ourselves of this debris that gives our ego power and protection.

This is where our Master steps in. He has repeatedly told us that we must purify ourselves. The Master wrote a small book called, ‘Man, know thyself.’ And what He means is not only that you look at yourself, but to do something about it.

The Master says:

Without self-analysis and self-criticism no real advancement is possible. We must watch ourselves carefully until we are rid of all undesirable traits that have developed in us.

He follows this by saying:

He who is upset by what others say is without question one who is still controlled by the ego and has yet to conquer himself.

It is up to each one of us to show our determined sincerity to cleanse ourselves first, then alone all of our prayers will be answered. So let us get organised. First, let all our thoughts, words and deeds, become as one.

The Master says:

Best results are yours if you do one thing at a time and give it your full attention.

This means you are coordinating all the three operating bodies – physical, astral and the causal – often expressed as thought, word and deed. In a sense we are living at once three lives in one.

Someone may say:

I need not do all these things to get to heaven. I can go to God without this.

I once said this myself. About six years ago when my ego exerted itself as I mentioned having had ‘out of the body’ experiences. A dear Satsangi looked at me in admiration and said:

You must be very far advanced.

Then she added:

You know I am not even off the earth plane yet.

This I did not comprehend then. Now, six years later, I understand the meaning of her simple explosive words – that unless we overcome ourselves on the earth plane, which includes all our faults and karmas, we will have to return to the earth again and again until we are so cleansed of all sins and faults that the Spiritual Rise becomes a natural process. So let us not think we are perfect while we are stumbling through life, for we are only fooling ourselves.

We hear the Master says regarding meditation,

Just close your eyes as in sleep and He will do the rest, and He will,

but until we make a working effort to find and overcome our faults, our progress will be very slow. Let us try each day to cleanse ourselves so that we make much greater progress when we sit down for meditation.

The Master always does His part, but we often fail in ours. Remember, the sum total of meditation is persistence in concentrating upon our desired goal.

With all of these things in mind, let me say the reward is out of this world, and this is literally true, for when we have cleansed ourselves of selfishness and ego and become reconciled to God’s will; we will then be ready to move into God’s ecstasy, an indescribable feeling of awareness of being One with the Father. Then our Inner Eye will open and we will see the beauty of the Spiritual World.