Mind and Spirit

by K. Golden

Some of you who might be weighing the standards and ideals of followers of Ruhani Satsang, may perhaps feel that these criteria ask too much of the individual or are too rigorous in some of their requirements. You may feel this about a certain aspect or precept of the teaching, or perhaps towards a part of it regarded in your view as having a directional quality. You may be attracted on the one hand towards the benign nature of Ruhani Satsang, but wonder, on the other hand, if your particular hopes and feelings will permit you to try to follow this Spiritual Method with sufficiently sincere resolve, or firmly to keep adhering to it.

The answer, as seen by one individual, is that although this enlightenment does not encourage side-marches or complicating distractions on any of the planes from the earthly to the ultimately highest, it does not unsympathetically avert itself from those who may be temporarily drawn to some inadequately spiritual inclination but who continue attempting with genuine effort towards a higher Spiritual Awareness. The Master-dispenser of this teaching is the transmitter of a comprehensive wisdom, a wisdom issuing from the causative realm of life, and which allows him to understand the influences of life relating to each person’s destiny, and the resulting attitudes and nature.

Initiation into the Inner Currents of Light and Sound, lets the Spiritual Applicant on a train that will carry him to the Ultimate Destination by a direct schedule, provided that he stays on this train by maintaining his practice of the Inner Method. But if he gets off at each station and wanders around too much and then misses his train, or perhaps even fails to return to the station, he may meet with more delay or complication than necessary or advisable in reaching the higher objective of his journey. Therefore, by endeavouring to proceed intelligently in accord with the teaching’s Spiritual Direction, there should tend to be more reliable possibility of coming into more harmonious relation with the transcendent Life-Spirit, and of becoming eventually able to achieve mergence with it.

In considering whether you should enter into initiation, or directing yourself to continue with it afterwards, you perhaps may find disagreement between what logical analysis seems to assert and what your Spiritual Inclinations may wish to indicate. For each suitably questing individual, there is a right clarification to be attained between the transitory, outer-pulling inducements of earthly wishes and the enduringly deeper calls of the Over-Soul. The time that each person needs to achieve a harmonious solution to this key-problem of Spiritual Progression, and to gain more positive energies for Spiritual Ascent, may differ; but the available degree and quality of Light which initiation and continuing practice can converge to help realise these results, are limited only by the individual’s present and subsequent Spiritual Receptivity. The more he develops his Spiritual Insight, the more likely will be his ability to receive the luminous currents which will commence opening to him a purer range of life, which is in being beyond the extent of the possibilities of the earthly or astronomic dimensions.

Initiation, and subsequent practice of the Spiritual Method. can permit us to begin living directly and awarely with introductory aspect of Spiritual Reality. It may help to abate a person’s uncertain groping or questing for some kind of more permanent direction, beyond the limitations or questions of outward existence. It places us on the bottom step of an ageless staircase rising from the edge of the realm of effects, containing the earthly or material plane, to far above the limits of our present vision, to where is located the first of the planes that are entirely spiritual. It is in the Spiritual Abode, at the top of the staircase, that one first meets directly with ultimate cause, after the Master Who has been luminously waiting at the head of the stairway, opens the door of final Spiritual Admission, towards which one has been travelling from the primary door at the foot of the ascent.

No matter whether the external scene is disturbed or comparatively calm, the real meaning and cause of things does not lie in an outward direction. Knowledge, however extensive, of the material provinces, cannot of itself disclose the primal source, or fundamental origin, of the form, arrangement, or design of things on earth or elsewhere in the physical universe. Whatever the environmental quality of an era or an age may be to go beyond the variabilities, complexities, or limitations of the outward existence to some measure of closer approach to higher cause, one should proceed with that Inner Life, that Inner Light leading in the direction of a higher, more transcendent reality. Although the celestial planes may sometimes or at certain stages appear much removed from us, they are not meant to remain beyond the reachable attainment of a well focussed, inward- developing soul-capacity. The current flows out to sustain all existence, unheard by most which are the receivers of it; but the initiate of Ruhani Satsang who harmoniously continues the steadily inward practice of meditation with the transcendent Sound-Light Current, can acquire an ability to self-interiorly trace back the channel of the current as far as he keeps following It. He can, with the Master’s appropriate guidance, continue tracing It well up into the effulgent realms, until ultimately he may be able to arrive at its ever-enduring source, the foremost cause of all. This is a wondrous ability to obtain, and a celestial gift of measureless quality.

It is one which the persons receiving it might steadily try to keep from losing, despite any doubts or vacillations as may yet need to be surmounted or left behind. By gradually or fittingly ascending degrees, the continuing Spiritual Aspirant can advance successively closer to attainable realisation of the indescribably endless end, and the time at length unfolds when an ascent may, with the enabling hand of the Master, complete its rise into the causeless, flawless peace of the Eternal Life-Being. Initiation and the Spiritual Sound Current bring forward to the Spiritual Seeker both the central question of life and the means for some actual answer, and for an increase of answer, to it, according to the extent of the seeker’s inward experience, through his own inwardly progressing effort and mounting Spiritual Focalisation or Concentration.