Kirpal Singh

1967 – Message for Remembrance of Hazur Sawan Singh

Dear Children

On this auspicious day of the blessed memory of my Master Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, I send you my hearty message.

You have been put on the broad Way back to God. If you want to develop on the way of new life, you should be broad-minded and be not intolerant. You should not behave like a frog on the well. But give the hand of fellowship to all working for the common cause of the Master, and rise above petty considerations to the heights of life through the power of inner silence brought about by meditations. Try to dive deep into the depths of the heart, and avoid superficial life. This can only be activated by love, selfless service and sacrifice for the higher purpose of life. A dedicated life knows no burdens or sufferings. He lives for God’s work and as such leads a life of detachment.

There are two ways – one leading to life and the other to destruction; called Sharey Marg and Piray Marg. Piray Marg relates to objective life and appears all beautiful and easy to follow but it results in hatred and malevolence, rigid ideology and obsessive self. The way of Sharey Marg lies in developing inner silence, which is harder to find. It is an uphill task and takes hard work of mind and body and purification of spirit.

When you will become broad-minded and have risen in the heights of life by sacrificing everything, you will find a vision of the Lord working in all alike, in saints and the sinners, in all men and in all creation, in all birds and beast, in all religions, in all scriptures and in all prophets.

In silence we test ourselves to find weaknesses to be weeded out. We have to wrestle with darkness and develop moral muscles and receive the message of the spirit. We must be, for sometime at least, alone with God. When we enter more and more into silence, our desires will be eliminated, purity attained and the body and the mind sanctified, and we taste the Elixir of Naam Divine and know how sweet the Name is.

In silence the heart illumines; veil after veil is removed. In the heart shineth the Light, and the very silence becomes vocal giving vent to the Music of the Spheres reverberating in all creation. When the Light is seen shining within your heart and the Music of the Spheres becomes audible, you behold the Light in all, that is, outside you see the One Light in all. This is the Universal Vision that the One is all and all are in One. Blessed is he, the man of Illumination, for wherever he be, he dwelleth with the One Eternal.

Such is a blessed one who belongeth not to this colour or caste or creed; he belongeth to all. The great Mystic Rumi says:

I am neither Christian nor Jew neither Gaber nor Turk; I am not of the East – I am not of the West not of the land am I; – not of the sea I belong to the soul of the beloved; I have seen that the two are One. And One I see – and One I know; One I see  – One I adore; He is the First – and He is the Last; He is the outward – and He is the inward too.

This is the ultimate Goal before each one of you. I wish all who care, to achieve this Goal. All feasible help of the Master will be at hand.

With all love to each one of you,
Yours affectionately

Kirpal Singh

2 April 1967