Kirpal Singh

1966 – Message for Remembrance of Hazur Sawan Singh

Dear Ones

A shepherd prayed in great love,

Oh God, show me where Thou art that I may thy servant be and clean Thy shoes and comb Thy hair and stitch Thy clothes and fetch Thee milk.

Moses, passing by, rebuked him as an ‘idolator’ and he fled. Then came a Voice from Heaven;

Moses, why hast thou driven away my servant? Thy office is to reconcile my people – not drive them away from me. I accept not the words which are spoken, but the heart that offers them.

All mankind is One, and the soul in each is a conscious entity, a drop of the Ocean of All-Consciousness. We are all brothers and sisters in God and the same controlling Power is controlling us all. This vision of Spiritual Unity of the One Humanity was before all Rishis of the old – Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Nanak and present day Baba Sawan Singh which is forgotten in the present activities of life. We should arouse this vision of One Light in all religions and all nations, which is the lonely remedy for all the ills now besetting the world. We should keep the little Light of Spirituality of the One Humanity burning in each heart, which will flare up true love in all hearts, whether in the East or the West.

Love is the Light of Life. This love is developed. The more you pray from your heart and not lips, the more you are in contact with the Light and Sound Principle of God-in-Action Power, the holy Naam or Word with which you have been given a contact. 

This course of life will develop true humility of the heart, which is the secret of growth in God, for the lack of which you are easily offended, become suspicious, upset when others speak ill of you, have secret desire to be popular, become dictatorial in your talk and conduct, irritable, artificial, ostentatious, complicated in your life and unkind to all those around you and below you.

The true superman is the great man who serves God with humble heart. He is humble, simple, straight forward, gentle, kind and reverent to all. When we forget this, we have quarrels, controversies in the name of the holy Cause we represent.

The great Sikh Gurus said,

Child-like simplicity and unattachment bring one nearer to God.

So did Christ say,

Except ye be as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I send you this Message of my heart on the auspicious birth anniversary of my Master Baba Sawan Singh Ji which will bring peace and harmony here and hereafter.

With all love to each one of you dear ones

Kirpal Singh

8 July 1966