Kirpal Singh

1964 – Message for Remembrance of Hazur Sawan Singh

Dear Children of Light

I send you my hearty greetings on the auspicious occasion of physical birthday of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji. To me Master is unborn, as He is God-in-Man. Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us to guide the child humanity back to our Father’s Home. He comes not only to awaken the embodied souls, but to reveal the God in them, who is controlling our souls as well as all the universe.

His job is to bring all children of God together and unite their souls to God-in-Expression Power the holy Naam or the Word – already existing within us. When one is initiated he resides within him, takes care of him and never leaves him until He unites him with the Sat Naam – the Sat Purusha – the True Father Who in turn absorbs him into the Nameless – the Anami.

Sat Purusha or the True Father manifested in Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, and gave us a contact with the Reality – the Light and Music of all Harmonies – the electric lifts to carry our souls unto the Nameless – the Absolute God from where it emanated. He enjoined that Truth is above all – but True Living flavoured with love is above Truth.  Let us prove worthy of our Father in Heaven. Let our hearts cry for communion with the Lord in the words of Mira:

I pray to meet thee Beloved, when wilt Thou meet thy humble maid, Mira? As the dawn in beauty breaks, I move out, every day, to see Thee! Ages have I spent in quest of Thee, Beloved! Mine eyes do ache for a sight of Thee! When, oh when wilt Thou come, Beloved? Within me throbs the ache of Longing and love for Thee! And I wander far and wide! I cry, who will cure my wounded heart? My anguish, alas! doth greater grow each day my longing grows, I cry for Him who my heart may heal!

Kirpal Singh

18 July 1964