Kirpal Singh

1963 Birthday Message

Dear Ones

On this day of my 69th physical birthday, I convey my love to you all and best wishes for your spiritual welfare.

With the Grace of my Master, I have come to reveal the life’s richest Treasure – holy Naam – the Word, which is found only within you. The Master takes many steps to meet you if you can take one step to Him. You need only to listen and pay attention. Let your meditations flower into action and service.

I wish you to simplify, simplify and simplify. To be simple in all aspects of life is to accept Life.

Try to help all others with a spirit of self-denial. Your self will expand to cover all humanity and other creation.  Such an enterprise will lead your soul on to God.

Be pure in thought, word and deed, and love all. Love is the panacea for all evils of life.

Be good and do good. These five words contain in them the essence of all religions of the world.

My work shall be amply repaid if you live up to them.

Kirpal Singh

28 January 1963