Ruhani Satsang

Delhi, India

To our Brethren in America

Cheer up, the denizens of America the Universal Cup-bearer comes to you Holding His goblet of Elixir of Life to bestow on ye His everlasting bounty.

His hands God’s hands, His eyes God’s eyes, His words life inspiring, His touch so sublime He’s Grace embodied, He’s Love personified, He’s fountainhead of Bliss, Eternal and Divine.

Behold Living God treading on this earth He’ll open the heavenly Gate to ye, He’ll take ye beyond the physical plane to have communion with the Almighty.

We, your brethren in the East, pray to Cup-bearer Kirpal Singh Ji to infuse ye mortals with immortal touch and bless ye all with Eternal Ecstasy.



Note: This poem was sent to the Master by Darshan Singh and was published in America.