Letters from America

Washington, D.C., 11 June 1955

Dear Satsang

Since I left Delhi on the 31st evening of May, though all of you have been in my mind and heart constantly, I could not write to you before then. This was because I have had a terribly busy time, the people here are very sincere and have welcomed my arrival with all Love and great sincerity.

From Delhi to London I travelled by the Air India International. We landed in Bombay at 10 p.m. where lots of Satsangis greeted me at the Airport and stayed till the plane took off, which was at 12:30 a.m., there. It landed at Cairo, Rome and Geneva and stayed at each place for one hour; we reached London at 8 p.m., where Kahan, Sampuran, his wife and Surinder met me. I stayed in England for 24 hours.

Next morning (1st June) Mr Joseph Busby, the Chief Editor of the ‘Voice’, a renowned paper on religion, of United Kingdom, which is recognised in 45 different countries, came over with his helper, Miss Eleanor Upton, and listened to my explanation on Spirituality for four and half hours. He and Miss Eleanor Upton both wanted Initiation, which I am thinking of giving on my return to India, when I am thinking of breaking my journey in England for a few days.

We left for States by the Pan American Airways on the 2nd June at 7:30 p.m., and landed in New York on 8 a.m. on the 3rd, where we were met at the Airport by Mr and Mrs Khanna and other friends. We caught the evening train for Washington – at the station lots of people were awaiting my arrival and greeted me with Great Love and with flowers.

My stay was arranged at the ‘May Flower’ one of the most distinguished hotels in Washington. I stayed there for three days but did not like it much for pomp and show of outer things which do not impress me a bit. Have moved to an independent house. The address is 8822 First Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, where morning meditations and evening talks are attended by about 30 to 40 people (new and old) and all sorts of questions were being replied to their satesfaction. All of them are having wonderful experience with Hazur’s Grace. Christ appeared to some of them with the Master. I had to give, in addition, a talk to the public of 500 strong which was appreciated by all concerned. All these talks are being recorded on tape and all papers are publishing about my talks over here. I just got a ‘Message of the Great Master and His Ashram’ printed here for free distribution.

The men and women are being drawn from day to day – with the Grace of the Master – I was invited by the Mohammedan Mosque over here and Indian Ambassador here. The Ambassador of Pakistan sent $ 10.00 as a mark of respect, which was returned with thanks as it is not the custom with us. Another Russian man came up to offer $ 5,000 for work of the Master, after attending the first talk given in the public. I am not here for the money but for the Master’s Message to be conveyed to them which is being appreciated by one and all. An open-air talk is to be given to the public at large on Sunday, the 12th of June, 1955, and the papers are publishing it.

I am ten thousands of miles away from you but my thoughts are with you as ever and Hazur’s Grace working overhead. Please convey my heartfelt Love to each one of you over there.

I will write to you later. With all love and best wishes to you all at home.

Yours affectionately
Kirpal Singh