October 1902

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh, and to Basant Singh, Narain Singh, Babu Gulab Singh, and all the other Satsangis at your place. 

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Hazur always be upon you. 

I understand that you have now returned from your home and rejoined your duty. Your greetings were received personally through Nihal Singh the baker. I sent a postcard to you earlier; you must have received it. Gajja Singh arrived here on Saturday, and was present at the Sunday Satsang. He waited eagerly for you. He brought 100 printed copies of Anurag Sagar. I had called him here for three days, and since neither he nor Aya Singh had extra clothing, he took some clothes from here. Hazur Swami Ji’s text has been printed up to the thirty-third hymn. Immediately send to Rawalpindi the introduction that Chacha Ji wrote at your request. Please make sure that it does not say that Hazur Swami Ji had no Guru. Whatever you think is good in the Devnagri1 edition may be put in the introduction but do not add anything of your own. Send one copy to me and another to Gajja Singh in Rawalpindi. If, however, you do not have time, send the copy only to Gajja Singh. But there should be no delay. The printers are asking 200 rupees for the prose edition. They are now doing a better printing job than before.

The situation at the Dera is like this: all the three upper-storey rooms are ready. Only five days’ additional work on the doors, etc., remains. An additional 560 rupees, approximately, will be spent. Furthermore, write if there are plans to build a Satsang hall or any other building. The proposal for the Satsang hall is that a sixty-foot long and thirty-foot wide building would need eleven beams. For this purpose, three twelve-foot planks would be spliced into one beam, that is, bonded together with nails, battens, grips, and wooden joints. If a beam is made from three pieces of timber, it will not sag. For the beams, we will need thirty-three (11 x 3 = 33) pieces of twelve-foot long timber. Counting everything, the joints, etc., a total of forty twelve-foot planks will be needed, and also 200 ten-foot long planks for making the doors and cross-ties. That is, the total for the wood will come to 1,000 rupees, with another 1,000 for labour. The expenses for pukka bricks and other materials will be about 500 rupees. That is to say, not counting some bricks already in the Dera, some 2,500 rupees will need to be spent. If it is to be done, please write soon, and send a plan. Please send a reply even if it is not to be done.

Furthermore, the introduction to Anurag Sagar has come out well. Also write about your home: if you went there, how was the visit? Were they all doing well? 

Please keep doing your Bhajan and Simran every day. Do not be affected by pain or pleasure; regard them both as His will. Whatever the compassionate Lord does, and will do, is all for our good. Day and night keep your Inner Longing, that is, your Love, in the Shabd Dhun, and continue doing worldly work with your hands and feet. Accept whatever happens cheerfully. For the rest, whatever is the will of the compassionate Hazur will be for our good.

Chanan Singh’s condition is such that he gets a temperature every day from ten to five o’clock. Next week, whether or not he is well, he will definitely be sent to you. A letter from Hazur Chacha Ji at Agra came, asking me to sign my acceptance of the ten members who were appointed. I submitted to Chacha Ji that I would not accept anyone except the compassionate Hazur Swami Ji, Chacha Ji himself, Maharaj Suchet Singh, Sudarshan Singh, and the other relatives of Swami Ji. I have not accepted in the past, and will not do so in the future. Chacha Ji sent a second message that this was how it should have been, that he was testing my Love and devotion, and had done so. He was very happy. Grace and Mercy upon you and all the other Satsangis from Hazur Chacha Ji.

Always remember: you are never to feel perturbed that you were happy there and are unhappy here. Consider it all as His will. Every Satsangi should do his Bhajan and Simran. Once again, it is urged: do not become perturbed by any situation, painful or pleasant. Remain within the teachings of the Satguru. On behalf of Bibi Ji, warmest greetings to you, her true brother.

(Postscript:) Chanan Singh will board the train from here on Wednesday, 5 November 1902, at eleven o’clock at night. On Thursday, from eight or ten o’clock till 4 p.m., your man should wait for him with a horse at Malikwal railway station, so that from there he may come to your residence on horseback. 

October 1902


Explanation: 1) A writing system, which is used for the printing of Sanskrit and some modern Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi and Nepali.