October 1902

From Jaimal Singh: Warm greetings to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

This is to inform you that I had already sent a letter to Chaudhri Buta Mal asking him not to have the books bound – except for those already done – when a thought struck me that we should get them bound. So if you want to have them bound, by all means go ahead – I am agreeable – tell Chaudhri Buta Mal to get them bound. I am writing so that you may tell him to arrange the binding of 500 copies of the verse edition, and 500 of the prose. I am very well contented with Buta Mal; may Hazur Maharaj show him Grace and Mercy. However, he has made a serious error by mixing the introduction with the text. You should also write about how much you paid for the black stone, as well as for the four tins of paint that you sent here.

Your letter was received and I was very happy to read about your welfare. 

The reply is that you should continue doing Bhajan and Simran whenever you are free from your official work. This Bhajan is for people who work, not for those who sit around or remain idle. Please convey warm greetings to Ram Chand the treasurer, and tell him to continue doing Bhajan and Simran.

Best wishes from Bibi Ji to you, her true and dear brother, and also from all the other Satsangis at the Dera. When you have time, visit the people in the batteries and counsel them; go to those in the Second and Third Batteries. You are reminded to go to Buta Mal also and tell him to have the books bound. This letter has been written now because you are visiting Rawalpindi.

(In Gurmukhi script, Baba Ji’s writing:) My son, the letter above was written by one who knew little Urdu. Try to understand it well even if a word is missing here and there. Mangal Singh reached the Dera at six o’clock on Thursday evening and brought everything with him. I have received 300 rupees, as ell as the 20 rupees from Ram Chand the treasurer – he has ken a great deal of trouble. If you can come, my son, please do so for a day. Do your Bhajan and Simran every day. I will keep 5 rupees of Ram Chand the treasurer, and return the other 15 by draft to him – he has sent too much. Four tins of paint, along with the oil, have arrived here. For the rest, you should come personally and see for yourself. Keep Bhajan and Simran in your mind all the time. The binding should be done for all the copies of the verse and prose editions. 

October 1902