May 1902

From Jaimal Singh: Warmest greetings to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh, and to Basant Singh, Narain Singh, Surain Singh, Chanan Singh, Sunder Singh, Ma Ji, the younger Bibis, the little boy, and all the other Satsangis at Rawalpindi. 

Your letter arrived and I was very happy to read it and know the contents. I have understood its import. Do not be perturbed about Basant Singh; continue educating him, and train him in draftsmanship as well. What does it matter if twice he has not passed his examination? He will pass later. Who has seen his destiny? You are feeling sorry that your boys do not study, when even the little ones of others do. Just think: have those other boys received Naam? When they die, they will go to the earthly hell, while yours will go Home to Sach Khand. How can your family be compared with others? Why do you go downwards? Move upwards. For the rest, do as you think proper.

This book is also Hazur Swami Ji’s text; use it for proofreading. It has been corrected here. Have the printing done from the first copy, that is, the original text that came from Agra. This one is a recent copy. Wherever it needed corrections, I have made them, so have the printing done according to it, but leave the first copy of Hazur Swami Ji’s text as it is. I have sent Babu Gajja Singh to take care of the proofreading if you are not free because of your work. If you can do it, well and good; then send him back. Five hundred copies of the prose edition also should be printed. I will write to Chacha Ji about it and let you know his reply. I will request that we keep the book for two months; the rest will be according to his wishes. As for Ghat Ramayan, 200 copies should be enough. For the rest, do as you wish. Your grandfather came here; he complained that ------ drinks heavily. We should realise that if a drunkard and bad person stays in the house, your family will get a bad name as well. Tell him to stop, and if he does not do so, give up his company.

You are requested to please keep doing Bhajan and Simran every day. Fix your Love in the Shabd Dhun and listen to It with Love and devotion, for by listening repeatedly you will become pure. Worldly activities go on according to previous karmas: as the karmas become manifest, they work themselves out. So have no apprehension about them; sometimes they are good, sometimes bad. There should be no anxiety about them; your anxiety should be about meditation. Always keep in mind that everything is a dream. Do not fall in love with the activities of the world; keep the mind unattached, and remember the Satguru’s instructions. The whole workshop of the world is unreal like a dream, and it will continue like that. Attach the mind and the faculties of surat and nirat, with Love and devotion to the Sound of Shabd Dhun. Let go of any anxiety about worldly work. When you engage in meditation, do it with an unattached mind, as in a dream when there is no awareness of any worldly business. Basant Singh, Ma Ji, the Bibi Jis, and Sher Singh are all urged to keep doing their Bhajan and Simran every day.

Best regards from all the residents of the Dera. No one has written from Mehmansinghwala since your grandfather went back.

Warm regards to Ram Chand the treasurer. This is to let you know that two brass kitchen pans were bought with your 15 rupees and sent to Agra. The freight was paid from here. Keep doing your Bhajan and Simran. 

May 1902