8 April 1902

Best greetings from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

Your money order of 10 rupees arrived on 7 April. I meant to write a letter to you, but due to lack of time ended up writing this postcard instead. Please consider it substantial; a full letter will be written later on. The brick-kiln is now ready: one hundred and six thousand bricks have been stacked in it. It will be fired on 14 April, the 2nd of Vaisakh1. After that, if I am free, I will come to Rawalpindi for six days. If I am not free, I won't come. Please have Anurag Sagar and Chat Ramayan printed as quickly as possible. A lot of people want them as soon as they are ready.

Do your Bhajan and Simran every day. Day and night, the surat and nirat and the higher mind should keep yearning to hear the Shabd Dhun within. By all means carry on with your worldly work, my son, but your Inner Longing should always be for the Shabd Dhun. Keep a continuous watch over your mind so that it does not go out of the Satguru's will – Satguru's will is to be kept in mind all the time.

Please convey my best regards to Chanan Singh, Basant Singh, Narain Singh, and the Satsangis of the three batteries. Everyone is urged to do his Bhajan and Simran every day because this time will not come again. Indeed, you must try to listen to the sound of Shabd Dhun, for only then will all your work be accomplished. Warm regards from Bibi and all others. Please convey my best greetings to Ma Ji. 

8 April 1902 


Explanation: 1) The 2nd month of the Sikh calendar; from 14 April to 14 May.