29 January 1902

Warm greetings from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh, and to Basant Singh, Chanan Singh, Narain Singh, Babu Amar Singh, and Diwan Singh. 

A letter was received from you, and I was very happy to read it and learn of your well-being. A letter also came from Babu Amar Singh, Sant Singh, Chanan Singh, and Narain Singh, with the news from all four of them in one letter. I was very happy to read it too. Whatever they all have requested will be granted slowly and gradually by Hazur. All four of them are to know that this is the sole reply to their letter. May Grace and Mercy be upon them.

A postcard came from Diwan Singh. I was very happy to read it. 

The reply to it is the same: I learnt about your situation from your postcard. All of you are urged to do your Bhajan and Simran daily and to listen to the Shabd Dhun with Love and devotion.

Babu Ji, you are reminded to send a postcard two days before the day of your arrival so that someone can receive you at the railway station. Let us know about the train as well. Because of your expected arrival, the reply to your letter is being given in a postcard. Warm regards on behalf of Bibi Ji to you, her dear brother. And best regards to all the Satsangis from all the other residents of the Dera. 

29 January 1902