27 December 1902

From Jaimal Singh: Warmest greetings to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

This is to let you know that I have been to Rawalpindi. I went there on Tuesday, and returned on Saturday and attended the Satsang on Sunday. Swami Ji’s verse edition is being printed. The account of Hazur Swami Ji’s life history that was to go into the introduction will not be put in it now, because it did not come from the gracious Hazur Himself. So it has not been included. In this book, only the words that were voiced by the compassionate Hazur Radha Swami Ji Himself are going to be printed. Other than that, not a single word or letter or diacritic will be added. I have arranged for all this there. I went to Rawalpindi especially for this purpose and explained everything to Lala Buta Mai and Babu Gajja Singh. Sixty-four or sixty-five copies of the prose Sar Bachan have also been printed. The quality of printing is now much better. 

Please write and let me know if you want to get Ghat Ramayan printed, and write also if you would rather not have it printed. Actually, it won’t look nice now if it is not printed, as it has become generally known that we are having Ghat Ramayan printed as well. For the rest, as you wish. No doubt it will cost about 500 rupees. Write to me about this and also about how much Babu Gajja Singh has taken for all his previous expenses. The cheque for 100 rupees that you sent was not cashed; he has still got it. I gave a little money to him, as he would not take more. He will be happy if you call him for employment; on the other hand, he is happy also if he is kept for the printing of the books. Do what you think is proper. 

The situation at the Dera now is that the main Satsang hall has been completed up to a height of fourteen feet. Within a week it will be completely finished, because eleven masons are now working on the building. But the iron girders have not yet arrived. The wood for the cross-ties is being kept aside, but they cannot be made in case they get damaged. The girders are late in arriving. Please inform us about the girders so that upon their arrival at Beas railway station we can fetch them in a bullock cart. Do arrange to send them soon and pay their freight up to Beas railway station. Please let me know soon when they can be expected so that we may continue with the construction or suspend it. This is a matter of great urgency as the weather right now is very good. Later, in the rainy season, we will face difficulties, so this matter needs to be taken care of expeditiously.

You should send a postcard or letter of your well-being more frequently, because now they come after a considerable lapse. Please convey my greetings to Basant Singh, Chanan Singh, Narain Singh, Babu Gulab Singh, Khushal Singh, Nanak Singh, and all the other Satsangis – Grace and Mercy upon them all. 

And you should always keep doing your Bhajan and Simran. If a long sitting is not possible, do it while lying down, but do it you must. Worldly work also has to be carried on. Keep the surat, nirat and the mind, with the inherent yearning, that is, Love, of the higher mind, always attached to the Shabd Dhun. The actions of walking, moving, sitting or sleeping, and other worldly affairs, are performed by the body and the vital energy – pran. The soul and mind do not perform them. Hold your mind and the soul’s attentive faculties always in the sound of the Shabd Dhun, and keep on with your worldly work. 

Please reply soon. On behalf of Bibi Ji, warm regards to you, her true brother. Warm regards also from all the Satsangis at the Dera. 

27 December 1902