26 February 1902

Warmest greetings from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh, and to Chanan Singh, Narain Singh, Babu Amar Singh, and Ram Chand the treasurer. 

The news is that the canister of coal tar has arrived; some freight was charged for it. Both of the previous canisters of coal tar were used up in putting a protective layer under the walls of the veranda, the small rooms, and the durbar hall. Ismail Khan, brother of Nabi Bakhsh the painter, stayed for six or seven days and applied the coal tar. Your letter came and I was very happy to read and know about your well-being. 

Remain happy wherever the Lord places you, my son. Wherever He keeps you, consider it as His Grace and Mercy

All of you should do your Bhajan and Simran every day. Always, with Love and devotion keep the Inner Faculties of surat and nirat and the higher mind attached to the Shabd Dhun within, while doing your worldly work with the body. You are never to keep love for worldly work or material possessions in your mind. Instead, think like this: 

It is not I in the body; the Satguru is all in all.

The attention is definitely to be kept in the sound of the Shabd Dhun every day.

Please give Hazur Swami Ji’s books to Sunder Singh the carpenter. I have received the information on its price. Have the books bound.

Bibi’s best wishes to you, her true brother. Best regards from Bibi and all the Sadhus at the Dera. Please also give warm greetings to the Satsangis of the three batteries. 

26 February 1902