24 February 1902

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

I have received your money order of 10 rupees which I will use for the Sangat’s expenses. 

Have you received the copy of Anurag Sagar? Please take good care of it. I have sent it through a Satsangi, Ganga Singh, of the Third Battery; he was to join his battery on 20 February. Write to me immediately upon receiving the book. When you are ready to have it printed, assign someone to be at the printing press to go over the contents and remove all mistakes, or you may go over it yourself. Only then should it be printed. The pages of the book should be carefully examined before printing so that there are no mistakes. This book, Anurag Sagar, contains many additional pieces of writing by Kabir Sahib that are very good, so please have them all printed. They are absolutely first-rate. It also includes a section entitled ‘Pran Sangli,’ which is not to be printed. But whatever the cost, have all the other sections printed. I have not read these myself, but I have heard them. If I were to read and examine them myself before sending them, it would cause a long delay. So it does not matter; they are all good. You should go ahead and have them all printed.

Bachint Singh wrote a letter from home that he had reached there safely. Convey my greetings to Chanan Singh, Narain Singh, Diwan Singh, and Babu Amar Singh. 

Please tell them all to do their Bhajan and Simran every day. And you too, my son, listen to the sound of the Shabd Dhun with Love and devotion. Keep the Inner Faculties of surat and nirat, and the higher mind, all three, engaged in the subtle Sound and do not let any speculations about worldly work distract your attention. When you are engaged in work for the Satguru, the Lord of all, or doing Bhajan, Simran, or reading Sacred Texts, at those times no other thoughts should remain in the mind. Remember this well, my son.

Warm regards to everyone from the Sadhus at the Dera, and warm regards to the Satsangis of the three batteries. Please tell them to sit in meditation every day. Ganga Singh of the Third Battery came here on 13 February. He left for his home on the 14th. I gave him the book, Anurag Sagar, and asked him to deliver it to you at your residence. So please get it from him. Bibi is not at the Dera now; she has gone on a visit. 

My son, I repeat: during Bhajan or Simran, keep no thoughts of worldly affairs in your mind, nor allow mental speculations of any kind to remain within. First do your Simran for a quarter-hour, and then slowly and gently fix the attention in the Shabd Dhun. At that point give up Simran; keep the mind and soul fixed in the sound of the Shabd Dhun – you will then taste its bliss. Grace and Mercy from the highest will descend upon you.

24 February 1902