18 June 1902

Wahiguru Ji ki Fateh from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh Ji. 

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Hazur always be upon you. 

Dear son

Your two letters were received, informing me of your well-being. You had written in the first letter that you would be coming here. That is why I did not write to you and was instead waiting for your visit. I did not, however, send anyone to the railway station, because in my heart I was not sure that you would come. That is why no one was sent.

Only that which is Hazur Swami Ji’s will is going to happen, my son. He is always with us, and He alone is doing everything, all our worldly activities and all our Spiritual Work. But He has hidden Himself behind a veil. One form He created was that of man, and for the eighty-four lakh life species He created separate forms. Then assuming the Shabd Dhun form Himself, He extended His Sound into everything, but did not let anyone know the One Who is living in the temple of the body. Kal hoodwinked all and everyone by binding them tightly with the ropes of various faiths: the Vedas and scriptures, Holy Books and religious disputes, pride of caste and colour, images and pilgrimages, in reading of Holy Books, bowing before idols, and in the customs and rituals of the past. The whole universe, from all the kindred of one’s family, mother, father, wife, and sons, to every other kith and kin, has been tied up by him in the ropes of attachment. None did he let go Home to Sach Khand; instead, he put everyone on the path that leads away from that Home. Then the Indestructible, the compassionate Hazur Himself, through His gracious Mercy assumed the saintly form of a Satguru and through the Path of Shabd Dhun revealed the secret of the Ultimate Home, Sach Khand, Sat Lok, and of every other stage. So now that the whole secret of our home has been revealed, we should go there every day.

This Shabd Dhun is perfectly described in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. You are not to consider anything as yours, because everything belongs to the immortal Anami Lord. Your body is His, your soul also is His. Sons, daughters, wife, mother, father, wealth, home, house, shop, mansion, everything that exists belongs to Him and is to be entrusted to Him. The self is not to be kept in anything, my son. When you have entrusted everything to the Lord, then all becomes He, and you also are He. Entrust everything to Him and do all your worldly work, and also keep doing your Bhajan and Simran. But know in your heart that 

I’m not the doer. I do not exist at all.

Accept hardship or happiness with goodwill, since both come with His command. Always think that the Satguru is everything: 

I do not exist; you are all and everything.

I am immensely pleased with you, my son. Read Hazur Swami Ji’s books every day because much is revealed by reading them. When the soul, by becoming pure, merges into the Shabd Dhun, everything will automatically become clear. When a letter from you arrives I become so full of joy and happiness that it cannot be described. May the longing for darshan stay with you all the time. That is as good as time spent in meditation. So you will receive darshan. Best wishes from Bibi and Ganda Singh. 

18 June 1902