16 May 1902

Ik Onkaar Satgur Parsaad. (Traditional Sikh invocation)

There is but One God. By the True Guru’s Grace He is obtained.

Wahiguru Ji ki Fateh and warm greetings from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh Ji. 

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Hazur be upon you all the time. 

I am well and happy in every respect, dear son, and always beg for your health and well-being from the compassionate Hazur Maharaj. 

This is to inform you that the money order of 10 rupees that you sent on 11 May has been received. You had already done a lot of seva, so why did you take this trouble again? Your letter written in Urdu was also received. It was very well written and was read out to all the Satsangis on the day of Satsang.

I am immensely pleased with you, my son. You are the very breath of my life. 

Listen to the Shabd Dhun every day and also always keep Simran in the mind for then the compassionate Hazur will do your official work Himself. You are not to worry. To become purified and acquire the power to reach Sach Khand; to possess the energy to ascend to each stage; to obtain bliss by reaching the land of Alakh, Agam and Anami Lord and merging into it; and to break loose from all attachments in order to become liberated – all will be attained through the munificence of the Satguru’s Real Form, the Shabd Dhun, by listening repeatedly to It every day. The condition, however, is that this can be obtained only through Love for the physical form of the Satguru – to begin with, it can be found only through this form. The individual who has not developed faith in it will receive nothing, because the Supreme Being, the absolute Lord, Anami Lord, has incarnated Himself in the form of a Saint for the sake of living beings. Whosoever develops Love and faith in Him, and knows that He is all-in-all, will cross over the phenomenal ocean by holding fast to the Shabd Dhun.

The rest of the news is that I have sent a letter to Agra to inquire about the date of the main bandhara. If the bandhara is held during Nimani Kasti1 in Asarh2, I will come and visit you for fifteen or twenty days. Please let me know if you can arrange a separate room for me at your place. I will come in the month of Jeth3 and return to the Dera on the 2nd or 3rd of Asarh, in order to leave for the bandhara on the 7th or 8th of Asarh. You should write your letters to me in Gurumukhi. If the bandhara is to be held now, then I will come in the month of Sawan, but I do not want to stay in Sadar Bazaar in Murree Hills. 

Write your letter soon, and give my greetings to all the Satsangis. Bibi sends her best wishes to you, her dear brother. Best wishes to all the Satsangis. Also, all the other Satsangis send their warm regards to you. 

16 May 1902


Explanation: 1) A Hindu festival, celebrated in May–June. 2) The 4th month of the Hindu calendar. 3) The 3rd month of the Sikh calendar; from 15 May to 14 June.