14 December 1902

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

My dear son

You have not written a letter since the day you left here. Even if you are unwell, at least you should have written a postcard to let me know whether you had arrived, or were ill, or had recovered. A letter (of safe arrival) should always be written. No information has come about the girders either. A letter from your grandfather came from your home; it has been forwarded to you. You should never write such angry letters home. Now write a letter home that you will send whatever they ask, that you have nowhere else to go but home.

Hazur Swami Ji’s verse Sar Bachan has been printed. At Christmas, even if you get leave for only one day, you must come the Dera, even if only for a night or half a day. You must come but you will also have to go home for a day because everyone there is perplexed. Their letters should not come to me – why should they have to write to me?

Regarding Ghat Ramayan, please let Gajja Singh know soon if it is going to be printed; also write to him if it is not to be printed. Gajja Singh has written to me that he never receives a letter from Babu Sahib. You should definitely write to him as well. I will go to Rawalpindi for four days in connection with the introduction. I will leave here by the mail train on Monday evening or on Tuesday, and reach Rawalpindi on Tuesday or Wednesday. From there, I will leave by the evening mail train on Saturday, 20 December, arriving at Beas at eleven o’clock on Sunday, in time to attend the Satsang. Only the introduction is to be added to the verse edition of Hazur Swami Ji’s book; not a single extra word, except the table of contents, is to be included. The text should contain only what was said by the gracious Hazur Swami Ji Himself. This is why I want to go to Rawalpindi: to inform the printer of all this. They are also asking me to put a price on the verse edition, but I do not know anything about it. Please figure it out and write to me by 18 December, in a letter addressed to Gajja Singh. You are urgently reminded to please write about the printing of either Anurag Sagar or Ghat Ramayan, and also about the price of Hazur Swami Ji’s verse edition, by 18 December in a letter care of Gajja Singh. 

Warm regards to Narain Singh, Chanan Singh, Basant Singh, Nanak Singh, Khushal Singh, Babu Gulab Singh, and to all the other Satsangis. A letter from Chanan Singh and Narain Singh was received. 

After reading it, a reply was sent that they should keep doing Bhajan and Simran. That is the message: keep doing Bhajan and Simran every day.

And you, Babu Ji, are also urged to keep doing Bhajan and Simran every day. If sitting is not possible, then do it lying down. But for whatever time it is done, even if only for a quarter-hour it will be as good as doing it for twenty-four hours. Keep your attention focused in it even while walking about, and hold Satsang daily for one hour. You should not worry unduly that you will have difficulty sitting for two or three hours. No! You just be attentive and stay within the will, that is, remain within the directives of the Satguru, and make your faith and refuge in Him absolute. Keep listening to the sound of the Shabd while walking about, then you are always in His presence. It is the Shabd Dhun alone that sustains all activities. Other than the Shabd Dhun, who else is there to do the work? You should merely remain ready to serve. Consider the Shabd to be your only form, and realise that your form is Satguru’s Shabd form, too. Have faith, do not worry, and remain even-tempered in pain or pleasure.

Please write your letters promptly; that is, you should write four letters a month, or at least three. When you visit me at Christmas or some other time, I will explain everything about the Inner Condition, even if you stay here for only an hour. I cannot write about it but will explain it in person. 

On behalf of Bibi Ji, warm greetings to you, her true brother. And best greetings from all the Sadhus at the Dera. Bibi Ji had fallen ill in my absence, but she is fully recovered now. Please have no worry. 

14 December 1902