12 August 1902

Warmest greetings from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

In reply to your previous letter in which you had asked about the brick-kiln, it was opened on the 20th of Sawan. It was fairly well baked, but a few bricks came out underdone – that is, they were only half-baked – but only a few, some six to eight thousand. The rest of the kiln has come out well; there was very little waste. So, generally the bricks have come out very well. I did not write earlier because I had not seen the end-product.

Regarding the books, Gajja Singh has informed me that the printing has been stopped, and that it will resume when the new type arrives. The copy of Ghat Ramayan in Gurumukhi that we borrowed is being asked for; the owners of Anurag Sugar also would like to have it back. Letters requesting the return of both the Gurumukhi books have been received. The printer, Buta Mal, has done no work so far: none of the books, Anurag Sagar, Ghat Ramayan, or Hazur Swami Ji’s book, have been printed. He has done absolutely no work. Write to him soon, that he should finish printing at least one book, either Anurag Sagar or one of the other two. The original copies of these books are being asked for, so they have to be returned – Anurag Sagar, however, is to be returned immediately. Ghat Ramayan also has to be given back, and Chacha Ji will be asking for Swami Ji’s book as well, although he has not yet done so. Buta Mal, on the other hand, has not printed a single book so far, nor does there appear to be any sign of his doing so. Gajja Singh and Aya Singh are in Rawalpindi. Write to them and also to Moola Mal. Hazur Swami Ji’s book, which has been printed up to the seventh hymn, is not correct, because the vowel marks have not been properly inserted.

A separate paper has come from Chacha Ji – I do not know what they call it – and I am passing it on to you. Please read it, try to understand its import, and then write to me. Return the Paper also to me because I will never share …’s point of view. 

Since … had not remembered Maharaj Swami Ji’s way of meditation, the technique of sitting, the method of discourse, and Hazur Swami Ji’s teachings, then how could … recall or know them? This is being written for your information – and personally, too, I will mention this to Chacha Ji, and that person also knows about it. You know full well that Swami Ji’s technique is the real one, and that is what has been imparted to you. You should keep this in mind.

All is well at the Dera. The bricks are being brought in from the kiln and stacked at the Dera, but so far no work has been started. For the rest, write how you would like to see things done. 

Please continue with your Bhajan and Simran. Whenever you are free, sit for Bhajan and Simran. Bhajan must be done every day. Keep the mind yearning inwardly for the Shabd and remain firm in Simran. Place your Love in the sound of the Shabd Dhun. And with inward longing, keep the surat and nirat focused on that Sound all the time, while you do your worldly work with the body. Do write to me whenever you are free.

Greetings to Basant Singh, Chanan Singh, and Narain Singh. Everyone is urged to do Bhajan and Simran every day.

Warm regards to Babu Gulab Singh. Your postcard arrived and I was happy to know of your well-being. It is good that you have been transferred to this new place. Hazur Swami Ji’s books were sent to Khairagah through Budh Singh of the First Battery – perhaps he reported there after you had left. Write to him and have him send them to you. This is the reply to your postcard. Keep doing Bhajan and Simran every day.

Best wishes from Bibi Ji to you, her true brother. Also, best wishes to all from Bibi Ji, from the Sadhus at the Dera, and from all the other ladies here. Read this letter carefully in order to understand its contents. Engrave the image of Sach Khand in your mind in line with the teachings of the Satguru. Believe in this firmly. 

12 August 1902