10 November 1902

From Jaimal Singh: Lots of Love to Babu Sawan Singh, Babu Gulab Singh, Basant Singh, Narain Singh, and to all the other Satsangis.

Your letter arrived and informed me of the news there. You have written about Babu Gulab Singh’s serious illness. Pain and pleasure are the lot of this body; he will get well after going through the illness. Do not be perturbed – there was some suffering destined for him at this time. It would be right and proper to give him something which has a cooling effect. He will get well when the karmic penalty has been paid off. It is not right to become agitated during illness; an illness becomes aggravated if one gets perturbed during its course. He will get well in time.

A telegram arrived here in your name, care of myself; it was returned because it had nothing to do with me. Today both the Bibis will leave for Mehmansinghwala accompanied by Chanan Singh. The drawing of the buildings that you made and left with me has been misplaced. It would be good if you could make another and send it to me. Please send it promptly. Babu Gulab Singh should keep doing Bhajan and Simran; he will get well. In my opinion you should not send the iron beams because they are very expensive, and we will make do with the wooden beams by trussing them up. But whatever you desire is acceptable: we will use the iron or wooden beams as you advise. Work was started today; the foundation has been dug. Please keep doing your Bhajan and Simran, and write soon. Babu Gulab Singh is in my thoughts day and night. Rest assured, he will get well. Please make the drawing right away and send it to me; the work can then be started.

Best wishes on behalf of Bibi Ji to you, her true brother. Also warm regards from all the residents of the Dera. Heartfelt greetings on behalf of Chanan Singh, who says: ‘I am better than before. I will return after leaving the Bibis at home.’

As long as the building plan does not arrive, the doors, etc., cannot be made. Please draw it and send it soon – this is important. 

10 November 1902