April 1902

From Jaimal Singh: Warmest greetings to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh, and to Basant Singh, Harbans Singh, Narain Singh, Babu Gulab Singh, Dr Ishar Das, Babu Gajja Singh, and Aya Singh. 

Your letter arrived and I was happy to read it. It was very well written. 

You should continue doing your Bhajan and Simran. The compassionate Hazur is always by your side; His Grace and Mercy will be upon you.

Chanan Singh and Inder Singh came to the Dera, and left for home after staying here one night. Inder Singh asked for initiation, but I did not give it because I had no information about his character.

You have written that you would like to invite Ma Ji and also the young Bibi, Basant Singh’s wife, to stay with you. You have my permission gladly to invite them both. Write to them immediately so that they can come. For the rest, do as it seems right to you. You have written about the education of – ’s son. Have him educated as you think best; that is a good thing to do. Do this as you please; I can only instruct you to handle such matters well so that you do not feel any hardship. If he studies, that’s well and good, but he should not spoil the other boy. Anyway, you have my permission. But why inquire about such household matters from me? I can give advice if all the family members are Gurumukhs, but here one person goes one way, and the others go some other. So among them all, how many will you turn back? That is why I have written to you that you should have the younger Bibi, Basant Singh’s wife, and Ma Ji join you. 

Also read Hazur Swami Ji’s book and keep doing Bhajan and Simran. The compassionate Hazur is always by your side; His Grace and Mercy will be upon you. Once again I write that I cannot advise anything about – ’s boy, nor should you inquire about him from me: neither am I asking you to educate him, nor not to educate him. What do I have to do with all this – just think about it!

You and other Satsangis are urged to keep doing your Bhajan and Simran. If there are mosquitoes around, that’s good. At least you will get up at night to do your meditation! Otherwise you and the other Satsangis may not remember Naam; this way at least you will do so.

Chanan Singh also tells me that Ma Ji and the younger Bibi, wife of Basant Singh, will be coming there. Will you be coming here this Sunday? You must come. Do come if you get leave. Best regards from Bibi Ji to you, her dear brother. Best regards also from everyone else at the Dera.

Warm regards from Jaimal Singh: my greetings to my obedient son, Diwan Singh. Your letter in Gurumukhi was received and I was very happy to read it. There is no need to worry about anything. Request Babu Sawan Singh to find employment for you. When everyone else has work, why should you remain without it? You too should have work. You will get it if there is a vacancy; when a vacancy is found, you will fill it. 

You should do your Bhajan and Simran, and not become perturbed. The worldly work will be done by the Lord Himself.

All the Satsangis who live in one place should send only one letter, and not write separately. How can I write separate replies to everyone? I do not have that much time. You should go and see Babu Sawan Singh Ji and have him include your letter in his.

Best greetings on behalf of Bibi Ji. All of you should write to me in one letter. In future do not write so many separate letters. 

April 1902