7 September 1898

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Anami Lord always be upon you. 

Your letter has been received, giving me your news. I am extremely pleased to see that you are doing well. Whatever the merciful Hazur does will be good. My son, there is no way that I can come at this time. The reason is the doors of the durbar hall: they cannot be shut because the panels have been coated with too much paint. The last painter put too much paint in the crannies of the doors, so that due to humidity most of it has run and, consequently, the doors do not close. When they are shut by force, large pieces splinter off. The recent painting was done very badly. The first person who came to do the work applied varnish over the paint, which kept the paint from sticking to the other door panels. If the second painter had also put varnish over the paint, there would have been no damage. But now all the panels and also the frames that hold them have become warped and their wood has started to splinter. For this reason it is now absolutely impossible for me to come. But if by Kartik the doors dry out and begin to close properly, I will come to visit you then.

Now you should send the money through Moti Ram, who is coming to your place and will personally explain the whole situation. Write to me about Basant Singh: how did he get hurt on the forehead?

Continue with your Bhajan and Simran every day. I have not written much because I am in a hurry. Please convey my Love with lots of Grace and Mercy to Babu Hari Ram, Babu Mohan Singh, Chanan Singh, the elder Bibi Ji and the younger Bibi Ji.

You have asked me to catch hold of your mind. 

The mind will be captured by the Shabd Dhun. Listen every day to the Shabd Dhun with Love and affection and keep the image of Satguru’s form in the mind – dhyan. Then the mind will not wander anywhere. One day, merging in the Sound, it will reach Daswan Dwar and stay there. Then, with Satguru’s Grace and Mercy, the soul will separate from the mind to merge into the pure Sound and so reach Sach Khand. There is no uncertainty about this; it will definitely reach there.

Bibi’s best wishes to you, her dear brother, and to all the Satsangis; Bibi’s warm regards also to both the Bibi Jis. And warm regards from the Satsangis at the Dera to you and to all the other Satsangis there. May Grace and Mercy be upon all of you.

My son, none of your worldly work will be obstructed; all will be done by Hazur, our Lord, Himself. Listen to the Shabd Dhun every day. 

7 September 1898