5 August 1898

From Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh, and to Basant Singh, Chanan Singh, Babu Gulab Singh, Babu Gajja Singh, Narain Singh, Diwan Singh, Babu Hari Ram, Malik Thakar Das, the elder Bibi Ji and the younger Bibi Ji, and young Gursharan: lots of Love to all and everyone.

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Hazur, and of the Anami Lord, always be upon all of you. His call is resounding within everyone’s body; He is summoning everyone to His palace, Sach Khand. All the time, day and night, the Shabd Dhun is calling continuously – this, my son, is the cosmic law of the True Lord, Sat Purush. So please listen to the Shabd Dhun every day and find out the source from where It is coming.

I was very happy to read your letter that arrived here on 2 August and to learn that you are all well. Please write to your Baba Ji; include also a reply on my behalf regarding the note he sent to me about your not listening to him. You should definitely send him 40 rupees every year. Please write about this to him.

A postcard has come from Babu Hari Ram about Gursharan’s well-being. I am happy to read it.

Please keep doing Bhajan and Simran every day. The Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Lord is upon you.

This is the reply to your postcard; no other reply will be sent.

The younger Bibi is strongly advised not to eat hot pepper and other such spices. Give Basant Singh some tonic daily to sharpen his brain. I am very pleased with him; his labour will bear fruit.

All of you should do your Bhajan and Simran every day. When free, do not waste time uselessly, because our breaths, morsels of food, walking, working, sleeping and waking, are all taken into account. This human body may not be given again. The major task in assuming the human form is to listen to Naam Dhun by attaching the soul to It, to keep the higher mind always firmly attached to the Shabd Dhun, and to wean the mind away from worldly desires. Only that which is written on our foreheads will be given to us, nothing else will come our way. Why then hanker after worldly ambitions and desires? Be content, and keep doing your official work. Whenever you are free, do your Bhajan and Simran. Our True Work is Bhajan and Simran; doing even a little will add up to a lot. I am very pleased with you, my son.

Please set aside 10 rupees every two months to be sent here. This money from your salary will be used specifically for the Dera expenses. Always remember that we have to leave this world. We will have to suffer the consequences of whatever we do under the sway of the mind. Impress upon the mind to always live in the Satguru’s will. Then everything is achieved.

Bibi’s best wishes to you, her brother, and to all the Satsangis. Best wishes to everyone from all the Sadhus at the Dera and from all the Satsangis. 

5 August 1898