31 May 1898

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

May the compassionate Lord bless you with His Grace and Mercy all the time. 

A letter was received earlier from you, and now a second letter has also arrived. I was very happy to read them both and learn of your well-being. Regarding the letter from home about purchasing land, if it is available please go ahead and buy it. Take leave for ten days and definitely go home. I have heard at Beas that the doctors are detaining people from Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur districts for eight days before allowing them to proceed. No one else is being detained. That is what we’ve heard; I have not personally seen it.

You write that your mind keeps hankering after the outer form because you have not been able to have darshan of the Inner Shabd form. That is right; it will remain so until the outer form has become fully imprinted and the Anami Lord and Creator has taken a permanent abode in the Inner Self. Understand this fully and absolutely, my son, that when the mind is not attached to any external tasks or material forms in the world, when in hardship or happiness the mind does not waver, then is the command for attachment to the Inner Form given. There is no difference between this and the outer form. It is like seeing your face in a mirror: the face cannot be seen so long as the mirror is not clean. It is a mystery kept hidden by the Anami Lord: when the attention moves from the Shabd form to the physical, the Shabd form becomes invisible. I shall explain all this when you come here. As the disciple develops more understanding, the Satguru keeps on imparting more knowledge to him. And as he becomes more purified, the Satguru increasingly attaches him to the Shabd Dhun within. One day the Satguru will definitely guide you to Sach Khand, the final destination.

Bibi’s best wishes to you, her dear brother. Love to Babu Hari Ram, Babu Mohan Singh, Kaka Ram, Chanan Singh, Basant Singh, and to all the other Satsangis.

Bibi’s warm regards to everyone; also warm regards from the other Satsangis here. Your letter was received on the night of 30 May. I have written and mailed this reply on the 31st. Do please let me know when you leave and I will send someone to the railway station to receive you.

You also write that you are nothing. If you are nothing, then the Satguru is everything. Whatever work is done through His will is well done, so consider yourself a servant doing the work. He will carry out the work Himself.

Please bring with you a quire or two of small-size writing paper, if available. At present we have no paper at the Dera for writing letters. 

31 May 1898