29 March 1898

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

Dear son

Your letter arrived, giving me all your news. I am happy that you reached your place of work safe and sound. Both volumes of the tenth Guru’s Granth have arrived by parcel; they were received on 25 March, and your letter on the 28th. Regarding your salary, perhaps the Lord intends to increase it later on since He has decreased it a little now. Please don’t worry, and carry on your government duties cheerfully. I read the tenth Guru’s Granth in a couple of places; it contains some discrepancies and is not entirely accurate.

Please put in an application to acquire land and definitely try to get five squares. Make the effort, my son – for the rest, the Lord will do what is best. The present situation of the durbar hall is that its roof has been completed, and in four or five days the parapets will also be built. However, the frames and doors will be fitted only after the inside has been plastered, at which time the wall of the platform will be built as well. Two short pieces and four 6-foot lengths of deodar have been purchased for 45 ½ rupees. We have been able to manage for the rest. Three masons and two carpenters are working on the building, but the two men engaged to saw the wood have been discharged.

Singh came here and left after staying for a day or two. Do get some employment for Bachint Singh. You can have him enlisted in the cavalry at Rawalpindi Cantonment.

Do your Bhajan and Simran daily whenever you are free. Your Bhajan, when you are doing government work, is my reility. When you sit for Bhajan, please start with Simran and drive out all worldly ideas from your mind, and contemplate fully on the Satguru’s form. Then, slowly and gently listen to the Inner Dhun for four or five minutes and, holding fast to that Sound, fix your mind and soul in It. While listening to the Dhun, no other thought should enter the mind. Then so long as your attention remains fixed in the Dhun, you will profoundly enjoy its bliss. Later, when you begin your official work you can mentally recall and remember all that you have to do, but at the time of meditation, do as I have written above.

Please tell Babu Hari Ram, Babu Mohan Singh, Chanan Singh, and Kaka Ram to do their meditation every day, and give them my best wishes. May the Grace and Mercy of Hazur be upon them all. You are all my True Sons and will certainly reach Sach Khand with me. The compassionate Lord will definitely take you to Sach Khand one day.

Bibi’s warm regards to you, her dear brother, and to all the other Satsangi brothers. Warm regards also from everyone at the Dera to you, Babu Ji. May Grace and Mercy be upon Basant Singh. Write and give my Love to him, and tell him to study well and wholeheartedly. 

29 March 1898