29 August 1898

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh.

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Lord always be upon you, dear son. 

Your letter has arrived informing me of your condition. I am glad to know that you are well and happy. I have also understood the situation at home. What you have done there is right: the outer guest-house, haveli, should not be bought without a free transfer. This did not happen as there was some ambivalence in his mind.

You write of your deep anguish at not having had darshan again. Do not worry, my son, you are always with me. The work of the wedding could not have been discharged without your presence. That’s why Hazur sent you there. I will explain everything you want to know when you come to visit me.

You are always by my side, my son, and Satguru’s True Form, Shabd, is always with you. I am extremely pleased with you.

You write that you are requesting a transfer because of the strictness of the officer-in-charge. Lots of officers will come, my son, and lots of officers will go. Are you working for the state or for this officer? What is there to be afraid of? If you thus fear your superiors, how will you carry out your duties properly? If, however, he regards your work as worthless, then of course opt for a transfer. But do not ask for it of your own accord. If it is within his authority, he will transfer you himself. At that time you may agree to a transfer; but do not ask for it yourself. A servant has no say, my son. 

Do your work wherever you are ordered to do so, and leave when you are so ordered. Whatever had to be done has already been done; that is not going to be changed. The Lord carries out all activities in the manner in which He Himself has ordained. Ever and always He is by our side – we should not have any fear. Kings and emperors are all His creation. Whoever commits an iniquity will have to bear the consequences. Whatever is to be done has already been done, and that is what will happen – man does not do anything by himself. Believe implicitly, my son, the Satguru has told us that man does nothing – only the means for doing appears to come through him. Remain dauntless and do your duty. Whatever is to happen has already happened. For the rest you may do as seems proper to you, but please do keep me informed. The Satguru will be with you wherever you go. Since I am not familiar with worldly work or with the diplomacy of the situation, you should do as seems appropriate. 

Every day, whenever you are free, do your Bhajan and Simran. You have my permission to go wherever you feel comfortable. Just keep me informed from wherever you are posted. You are my dearly beloved child; you will go to Sach Khand in my company. 

Please convey my Love to Babu Hari Ram and inform him that his 5 rupees were received and credited to the expense of the bandhara of Sunday, 31 July. This bandhara was yours.

Best wishes to Babu Mohan Singh. May Grace and Mercy be upon him. Grace and Mercy upon Chanan Singh and Basant Singh as well. Also warm regards to Kaka Ram and to the elder Bibi Ji and the younger Bibi Ji. May Grace and Mercy be upon them all the time. All are urged to do their Bhajan and Simran every day, whenever they are free.

Bibi’s best wishes to you, her dear brother, and to the rest of the family. Also, best wishes from Bibi to the elder and the younger Bibis. Best wishes to all the Satsangis.

You should write to me sooner and also let me know whether or not Pritam Singh has arrived at your place. May Grace and Mercy be upon all of you. 

One day you will reach Sach Khand through the support of Shabd Dhun. Listen to the Shabd Dhun daily, attach yourself to It, make your Home in It, meld the mind into the Dhun, then you will relish its bliss. What more is there to say? The soul will drink that elixir and experience the sweetness for itself. 

29 August 1898