2 May 1898

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh.

Dear son

Nabi Bakhsh has been here since 1 May to do the painting and has now started doing it. He said that he could not come earlier because of the death of his nephew. Your letter written in Gurumukhi was received and I was extremely happy to read it. This postcard is in reply to that letter. 

You must do your meditation daily – even if you do it for a short time, yet it must be done daily. Love for the Shabd Dhun develops gradually, it does not come quickly. The Satguru Himself will ferry you across.

Please convey my Love to Babu Mohan Singh, Babu Hari Ram, Chanan Singh, and Basant Singh. May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Anami Lord always bless them all. The construction of the parapet of the well has now been started.

Best wishes from Bibi to you, her dear brother, and to all the others. Best wishes to everyone from Bibi and from the Satsangis at the Dera. I have received today, 2 May, 100 rupees by money order through the Sathiala post office. It will be used for the parapet, my son. 

2 May 1898