2 July 1898

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

This to let you know that I received your 100 rupees on 27 June. They were used to pay the arrears of the durbar hall. You were expected here, but did not come – please let me know the reason. I had packed some parshad for sending to you by parcel, when Nabi Bakhsh the painter arrived here on 21 June. He said that Babu Sawan Singh would be coming to Waraich on 22 June, so I did not send it. The parshad was from the main bandhara at Agra and also some from the bandhara here. Now I will send it under your name or under the name of Babu Hari Ram. Please write when you are coming on leave and bring with you one or two quires of letter-size writing paper. Do remember this, because now I have no paper to write letters with. The painter, Nabi Bakhsh, stayed for four days to do the painting, and then left for his place, Sri Hargobindpur. He has not taken any payment from me. 

You must write to me about yourself. Even if you are very busy with work, you should all the same keep me informed about your activities. We still owe 1 rupees for the durbar hall; this can be paid later. Whenever you are free for a few hours at night, take half an hour right away to write to me. I do not know the date of Pritam Singh’s wedding, so please let me know.

Do your Bhajan and Simran every day; even if only a little is possible, it must be done. Listen daily to the Shabd Dhun while doing your government work – whether awake or asleep, walking or sitting, at all times, never forget the Shabd Dhun. All work, temporal or spiritual, is done by the Shabd Dhun, but the mind takes undue credit for it, which is false. In fact, the Shabd Dhun does it all. So you should make your home in the Shabd. May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Anami Lord always be upon you. I am very pleased with you, my son. You will most certainly go to Sach Khand with me.

Best wishes from Bibi to you, her dear brother. Please convey warm regards to Chanan Singh and Basant Singh; warm regards also to all the others. May Grace and Mercy be upon you all the time. Please reply soon. 

2 July 1898