16 March 1898

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to both my obedient sons, Babu Sawan Singh and Babu Mohan Singh. 

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Lord be upon you all the time. 

Babu Mohan Singh’s postcard has been received and I am happy to read it and know of his well-being.

Pritam Singh came and stayed here for two days. He left today. I bought another piece of timber for 37 ½ rupees, plus 1 rupee for freight. We now have all the cross-ties and boards. If anything runs short, there is some wood left over that can be sawn and used. The beams for the roof will be set at twelve feet – construction of the building now has gone up to that level. One side is still to be built up a little, after which the work on the roof will start. 

Please write soon about what colour the building should be painted, and remember to send the paint soon. The builders say that the building must be painted. Reply to this letter as soon as you arrive in Khairagali. Even if you are short of time, write a few lines about your well-being. This letter has been written to inform you about the progress on the durbar hall.

Listen to the Shabd Dhun every day. Keep Simran in mind all the time – no pain will then affect you. The Satguru’s form should always remain before you, then it is Shabd all the time. While walking or working, sitting or sleeping, or doing your official duties, always remember: 

I am nothing; all is Satguru’s work, I am merely an instrument.

No matter what happens, always remain cheerful.

Best wishes from Bibi to her brothers. Also warm regards from all the Satsangis and the workmen here. Sri Wahiguru Ji ki Fateh from myself and from all others. I am extremely pleased with you, beloved son. You are my very own son in essence. You will always remain with me – but do not stray outside the teachings. This letter is written on 16 March. Do send a reply.

Please send a copy of the Tenth Guru’s Granth Sahib by 1. Send both volumes at the same time. A letter of well-being was received from Babu Hari Ram; he wrote that he was unable to have darshan.

16 March 1898