15 August 1898

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh. 

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Anami Lord always be upon you. 

I have received your letter and am very glad to read that you are well and happy. The letter included news of all the Satsangis and I was very happy to read that too. Please do not worry about anything; whatever was to happen had already happened. Continue to do your official work with goodwill in mind. Whenever an officer visits your area, keep me informed about his remarks and observations about you. I should be getting three letters from you each month. If that is not possible, at least two a month must come.

You write that you still feel somewhat weak. Eat well, do your Bhajan and Simran, and also do your official work with diligence – you will then become strong. When you find that some senior officer is obstructing your work, you should use your judgement and ask for a transfer if it is not possible to get along with him. If he transfers you himself, do not take it ill, because whatever has to happen has already happened – nothing new is going to happen now, my son. So remain fearless: whatever He does can only be for your benefit. Wherever you go keep your attention in the Satguru, then He Himself is the doer. 

Do your Bhajan and Simran every day. Even if you are free for only ten minutes, it should still be done regularly. 

Please convey my Love to Chanan Singh and Basant Singh. May Grace and Mercy be upon them. Best wishes from Bibi to you, her dear brother. Bibi has also sent a rakhi for you. I have given her a rupee and a quarter for it on your behalf, so there is no need now for you to send any money. We’ll see to it when you come on leave. 

Please attach yourself firmly to the Shabd Dhun within. Even if you are unable to sit regularly, nurture Love for it in your mind all the time. While walking, working, sitting or sleeping, keep the higher mind in Love with the Dhun, and listen to It whenever you are free.

Furthermore, my best wishes to my obedient sons, Babu Hari Ram, Babu Mohan Singh and the other Satsangis who are there. May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Anami Lord always be upon you. I have received your letter and was happy to learn about your well-being. Whatever you wrote, all your supplications have been accepted in Hazur’s court. 

Slowly, gently, you will receive everything. Keep doing your Bhajan and Simran every day and consider the Shabd Dhun especially to be your True Friend and comforter. It is always with you; It looks after you with every breath. Please have no worry about work; everything will be done by the Lord Himself.

Best wishes to the elder Bibi Ji and the younger Bibi Ji. May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Hazur always be upon them. Bibi’s warm regards to the two Bibi Jis and to all the others. You all write that I should come there and give darshan. I will let you know later on, but at present I am not free. The worker who painted the door panels daubed very thick paint on them, with the result that the doors do not shut properly. The paint has run and settled heavily in the nooks and crannies. The doors do not close even when I try to shut them by force. Rather, good-size slivers of wood rip off the doors when anyone tries to shut them. The Muslim craftsman who came later applied too much paint. And – 

Guru mere sang sadaa hai naale.

Always and ever my Guru’s beside me.

He further says: 

Satguru shabd swaroop hain, rahen arsh manjhaar; Too bhee surat swaroop hai....sun gagan pukaar. 

Satguru is the Shabd form that dwells in the Inner Sky; you as well are surat’s form, listen to the call within.

Thus the Shabd Dhun calls you all the time to come Home to Sach Khand. So place your Love in It. I am very happy and pleased with you.

The rope that you sent for the awning has been used for the punkahs in the durbar hall. It has been utilised in seva. 

15 August 1898


Note by Maharaj Sawan Singh: After the broken leg had healed, I went back to my area. Col. Bruce, who was very kind to me, had been transferred. The new officer who replaced him was against Col. Bruce. For this reason, he made things difficult for me. Perplexed, I sent a plea to Hazur (Baba Ji), the response to which was this letter. After its arrival, the officer became all right.