1 March 1898

From Jaimal Singh to my obedient son, Babu Sawan Singh Ji: my best wishes and lots of Love. 

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Lord be upon you all the time.

Regarding the durbar hall: the deodar log that cost 80 rupees has been used for the frames and panels. All the panels for the doors, windows, and wardrobes will be made from it. The log costing 130 rupees will be sawn into five beams and some wood will be left over – but it has not been sawed yet. The arches have all been fitted; the walls have reached a height of eight feet. We hired three carpenters to work at 7 annas each per day, another carpenter and three masons at 6 annas each, and three labourers for 3 annas each per day. In all, there are seven masons and carpenters; the total of their daily wages comes to 3 rupees and 6 annas. 

Listen to the Shabd Dhun every day, my son. Even if there is little progress, it will add up to a lot. When listening to the Sound, first inwardly visualise the Satguru’s form – indeed, the Inner Focus, dhyan, should be on the Master in everything we do. Whatever form the Dhun has, the same is that of the Shabd, the same of the gross (sthool) physical form, the same of the Eternal Lord – Sat Purush –, the same of the Lord of Alakh, Agam, and the same also of the Anami Lord. When all these forms are blended together as one in the mind, only then is one’s whole work complete. Then the thought that the Satguru is merely a human being will never come. 

About the money order: on 28 February, 100 rupees were received along with your letter. I was very happy to read the contents of the letter. If you get leave for Holi, please let me know the date of your arrival; someone will be there at the railway station to receive you. Two letters came from Babu Mohan Singh with good news which I was very happy to read. May the Grace and Mercy of Hazur be upon Babu Mohan Singh all the time.

Listen to the Shabd Dhun every day. Listening repeatedly, you will become pure and one day reach Sach Khand.

I am very happy with you, my son. Best wishes from Bibi to both her brothers, and to Chanan Singh and Basant Singh. Please also convey Love on my behalf to Chanan Singh and Basant Singh. The reply to both of Babu Mohan Singh’s letters has been given.

The most precious jewel of Love are you, beloved son, as dear to me as my very own body. A day is coming when I will take you to Sach Khand. I am not going to Peshawar now, but shall do so in the month of Vaisakh1

1 March 1898


Explanation: The 2nd month of the Sikh calendar; from 14 April to 14 May.