Chapter IV

To change the Mind’s Habits

20 February 1971

Over the past year, I have observed from the Spiritual Diaries sent in by the dear ones, that they report little or no Inner Progress, some even mentioning that they have made no headway since the time of their Holy Initiation. Because there appears to be a lack of right understanding as to why steady progress has not been made, I should like to clarify the process by which such progress can be achieved.

If the dear ones were to do their Spiritual Practices correctly, with due regard to self-introspection, they would, as sure as two and two make four, rise above body consciousness and transcend into the Beyond, where the Inner Master is patiently waiting to greet His children at the threshold of the astral plane. But because they are unable to do this, even for a short while, they erroneously believe their meditations to be barren of all concrete results.

If you were able to follow the Master’s instructions accurately, you would be sure to agree with St Paul, Who tells us in the Bible:

I die daily.

Therefore, what is it that prevents you from following the Master’s instructions? It is your own mind, which you have not yet been able to coax away from the outer attachments of the world to the bliss that awaits it inside.

What the Master tells you to do is not really difficult if you could but comprehend the simplicity of it. He tells you to sit in a position most comfortable to you, one in which you can sit the longest without moving; that while sitting in this position, you are to remain wide awake with your attention directed at the seat of the soul behind and between the two eyebrows; that you are to look sweetly and serenely into the middle of the darkness in front of you, repeating the Simran of five Charged Names slowly and at intervals.

Some succeed in performing their Spiritual Disciplines in the prescribed manner in a short period, others do not for want of the conscious control of the mind and the outgoing faculties. This is why it has always been stressed to weed out all undesirable traits and habits, and to replace them by the opposite ennobling virtues; and for this, the maintenance of the monthly self-introspection diary is mandatory. The more you progress in man-making, the more your mind and senses will come under your conscious control. This has already been dealt with very thoroughly, as well as other aspects of Spiritual Development, in my previous Circular Letters which together with 'Morning Talks' constitute the yardsticks which you may apply to measure how far you have succeeded in your disciplines, both outer and Inner.

So what is meant by not doing the practices properly is simply another way of saying that the one-pointed concentration preluding complete withdrawal to the eye focus has not yet been achieved by the dear ones.

You are the indweller of your own body, but are not yet its master. Your servants, the mind and five senses, have usurped the throne on which your soul should sit. Until they are dispossessed and placed in their rightful place as servants, they will not allow you to withdraw and go in. The Master within, like any loving father, is eagerly awaiting the day when you have set your house in order. He only requires one opportunity to snatch you from the prison house of the body, and like an expert angler, once He has successfully hooked His fish, He will not allow it to escape until He has it safely in His basket.

Man is so constituted that he cannot for long remain at one level. He either progresses or slips back. You may judge for yourselves which way you are going by seeing how far your mind and senses are coming under your conscious control.

This is achieved not only by ethical living, but also by the Inner Help and strength you get every time you sit for your meditations. So, if no apparent Inner Headway is achieved, know it for sure that the ground is being watered. Every time you sit, you are creating a habit which one day the mind will accept as in its best interest, as opposed to its present habit of seeking enjoyment in outside things. Habit strengthens into nature, and this is the reason for the present difficulties experienced by the dear ones in their routine meditations. The habit of the mind in running after outside enjoyments has become natural to it. Therefore, it resents sitting in the quiet. By creating a new habit, you will, in time, change the nature of the mind from one seeking pleasure in things external to one thirsting for the bliss and sweetness to be had from things internal.

Thy restless mind continually goes astray; how can it ever be brought to heel? Only by giving the heart and soul to the Word or Name of God; no other way has ever been found or ever will be found.

Swami Ji

So I wish for you to tread the Path having full faith and confidence in the Master, and above all, be grateful that you have been accepted for initiation in this difficult age we are living in. Persevere, persevere, and persevere again. Perseverance combined with full faith in the gracious Master-Power working overhead will one day remove all obstacles, and your cherished goal will be achieved.

With all Love and best wishes,
Yours affectionately

Kirpal Singh