To present the teachings of a past Saint Who has left no compositions of His own, either in verse or in prose, and in Whose time shorthand and the tape-recorder were yet unknown, is not an easy task. However, the bunch of letters that Baba Ji addressed to His beloved 'Babu' Sawan Singh Ji have been preserved and are very revealing.1 Further, some of those who came in contact with Him have left suggestive accounts of His discourses. But most important of all, Hazur Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, to Whom He passed on the Spiritual Torch, has interpreted within living memory the message in its essence of His Great Guru. Piecing all these together, we can arrive at a clear conception of the nature and scope of Baba Ji’s teachings.


Explanation: 1) Most of the citations from Baba Ji’s letters, in the pages that follow, are translated directly from the Gurumukhi originals. The reader wishing to read his entire correspondence with Baba Sawan Singh Ji may consult the book 'Spiritual Gems' (Beas, 1958).